Becca Bland fashion

Becca Bland offers tips and tricks for finding the right pieces when you're out shopping, whether designer brands or thrifting. 

Growing up in a middle-class household of seven people, fashion was not exactly the focus of my parents’ budget. As an 8-year-old fashion lover, this was a tough pill to swallow.

The wheels quickly turned as my little mind had to be resourceful if I wanted to work with my parents’ budget and get garments I enjoyed. Sometimes I could convince my parents to go to the biggest JCPenney blowout sale of the year, and other times I had to deal with the heartache of those dreaded little words …"No, we are not buying you more clothes.”

That little fashion lover grew up and got her first job at 15 at the Quizno’s that was previously on 18th Street. When I received my first paycheck, I hit the mall and created an eBay account to begin bidding on designer items. As the money began to quickly disappear, I realized I needed to make my dollar stretch a little farther. That is when I began shopping at all of the Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx stores I could find, along with the occasional Goodwill.

My closet and shoe collection grew quickly, and family and friends would constantly ask the same question, “Where did you get that?”

It was then that I realized that looking good and being fashion forward does not require designer labels. I could always tell what clothing looked good, but it wasn’t until I went to fashion school in Los Angele that I identified how to take an outfit to next level.

The next time you go shopping, consider the following:

1. Don’t forget about color!

2. Consider your body type and what flatters you best.

3. You don’t have to follow every trend. Look to the trends of the past and consider incorporating them into your wardrobe.

4. Shop vintage and thrifted garments for that one-of-a-kind look.

5. Pay attention to fabric. Some fabrics flow better, last longer and simply look better than others.

6. Accessorize.

For great deals, I still shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, the Outlets at Tejon (especially since I work there … talk about a dream job), and the Camarillo Premium Outlets.

Some designer and luxury items don’t discount pre-loved items. Some of my go-to places online to get those beautiful quality items include The Real Real, Tradesy and Everything But the House, and don’t forget about eBay! Happy shopping.