To have a Netflix account is to have experienced the relentless rabbit hole that pulls you in, tumbling down, down, amid hundreds of titles that pique your interest as you aimlessly scroll on by. Even as you continuously search for something it’s as if you’ve been faced with a real “Sophie’s Choice” because, yes, deciding on something to watch is that difficult. Though it’s no “Alice in Wonderland” it can feel as if you’ve gone a little Mad … Hatter!

From movies to TV, drama to documentaries, Netflix can be a one-stop shop. While its massive collection of hits, classics and everything in between is continuously growing, it doesn’t hurt to take in a few suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Whether it’s a solo date, movie for two or family time, Netflix has got you covered. There’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra time with yourself, so why not dinner and a movie with these picks that will make you laugh, cry, cringe and binge?

Date-Night Movies and Binge-Worthy Shows


“Spenser Confidential”: Ex-cop and ex-con Spenser bands together with his motley crew to expose dirty cops and a sinister conspiracy. Full of action and laughs from beginning to end.

“Candyman”: Say his name three times and those will be the last words that you ever speak. Packed with fear and thrills. Watch your back and stay in line or else Candyman will be coming for you next.

“Shawshank Redemption”: Framed for the murder of his wife and her lover, former banker Andy Dufresne faces a new life behind the cruel gates of Shawshank prison.

“Police Academy” Series: A movie series centered around a hopeless crew of police academy graduates. Though they intend to help, what they succeed in is causing even more laughable damage.

“47 Meters Down”: Trapped in a cage 47 meters below water, surrounded by relentless sharks and minimal oxygen, two sisters fight for their survival, turning from prey to predators.

“Charlies Angels” 1 and 2: With beauty, brains and a vicious right hook, these girls bring the action and the fight. They might be called angels, but there is nothing sweet about them.

“American Assassin”: On a quest for vengeance after the loss of a loved one, Mitch Rapp becomes an unexpected asset of the CIA.


“Good Girls”: Three struggling suburban moms find work with the neighborhood drug dealer in order to establish independence and evade financial ruin.

“The Office”: A hit comedy series that takes place in a dysfunctional workspace. Built around an office full of disgruntled office workers, there is no shortage idiocy and belly laughs.

“The Haunting of Hill House”: A fractured family takes residence in a vacant and haunted mansion, where haunting memories and dangerous entities follow them in the past and the present.

“Stranger Things”: A small town mistakenly uncovers sinister secrets, including secret experiments, supernatural forces and a young girl who appears out of thin air and has the ability to save them all.

“You”: A young guy in a desperate search for love looks for it in all the wrong places, resulting in murder, secrets and many broken hearts.

“Dead to Me”: A widow goes on a determined search to find her husband’s hit-and-run killer. Watch as situations and lies unfold in a way you never would have expected.

Now it won’t take much to turn your solo date into a plus one and experience the above movies together — a little scare can bring people together in a shared moment of panic. But if one would prefer to throw in a more laughs and romance when entertaining a special someone, give these flicks a try.

Rom-Coms and Comedies


“Monster-in-Law”: An office temp might have found her dream guy but there’s one catch: his overbearing mother! And turns out, they’re a packaged deal.

“He’s Just Not That into You”: Follow along as love-hungry Baltimore inhabitants juggle the ups and downs of falling in love.

“Always Be My Maybe”: Reunited after 15 years apart, two adults in different stages of their lives try to fight their undeniable connection as they struggle to find a place in each other’s worlds.

“Hairspray”: A rom-com and musical all wrapped in one. Follow along as the various characters attempt to break down racial barriers and find love as they dance their way into your hearts.

“Murder Mystery”: On a long-awaited trip to Europe, a New York couple finds themselves in the middle of a real life whodunit.

“Set It Up”: Two exasperated assistants team up to set up their overbearing bosses and get them to fall in love in hopes of a much-needed break from the madness.

“Falling Inn Love”: When a newly jobless San Francisco exec wins an inn in beautiful New Zealand, she gets more than she bargained for when she finds love and a new place to call home.

“First Wives Club”: Three disgruntled wives plan to take back their lives and what’s theirs as they plot to get back at their cheating ex-husbands.

“Someone Great”: After a heartbreaking and unexpected breakup, journalist Jenny plans to get over her ex with one last wild ride with her three best friends before she comes face to face with a new beginning.

Got kids? Netflix’s wide range of entertainment might even succeed at distracting even the most energetic little ones, even if it’s only for a short while during family time.

Family Friendly Entertainment


“Hook”: As the young Peter Pan grows up and leaves Neverland behind, it seems that Captain Hook has other plans as he kidnaps Peter’s children in hopes of forcing his return.

“Space Jam”: Part live action, part animation, this film transforms basketball legend Michael Jordan as you’ve never seen him before as he goes head to head with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes crew.

“Richie Rich”: A young billionaire heir has it all, except the one thing every kid wants: friends. See as Richie Rich steps into a new world and battles a scoundrel scheming to take over his family empire.

“Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse”: After being bitten by a radioactive spider, a young teen discovers newfound abilities. Follow along as he discovers web-slinging, wall-climbing and an alternate dimension.

“The Rugrats Movie”: A childhood television classic returns. Watch as Tommy and his pals attempt to navigate no longer being the center of attention with the arrival a new Rugrat, baby Dil Pickles.

“Incredibles 2”: One incredible family with incredible abilities. It is up to them once again to save the world from evil geniuses all while attempting to maintain a nondysfunctional family dynamic.

“The Karate Kid”: New to Beijing, a young boy falls victim to a group of bullies. Unwilling to take the treatment any longer, he begins lessons with a martial arts master, discovering a strength that he never knew he had.

“It Takes Two”: The Olsen twins play opposite each other as two girls from very different backgrounds who look so identical it’s uncanny. Shocked and curious, the two take the opportunity to discover if the grass really is greener on the other side.

“Big Fat Liar”: When a greedy and obnoxious Hollywood producer passes Jason’s story off as his own, it’s up to Jason and best friend Kaylee to prove just what a big fat liar he truly is.

“Mary Poppins Returns”: She’s magical and mysterious and sure knows how to turn one’s world topsy-turvy. Watch as the beloved Mary Poppins returns to help bring life back into a society lacking in joy and sunshine.

“Otherhood” (a movie dedicated to mothers): Three best friends and mothers travel to New York City to confront the children who have succeeded in making them feel forgotten. A movie that showcases how a mother’s love knows no bounds.

While time indoors might not always be ideal, taking a moment to spend time with oneself and loved owns can provide some downtime you never knew you needed. So take a pause and press play on a good time. 

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