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If you’re looking for a sweet escape in October, Donut Fest is the place to be. Donut Fest is the first event of its kind in Bakersfield and Temblor Brewing Company is the first to host it on Oct. 13, from 1 to 5 p.m.

“Most people love doughnuts and we wanted to come up with an opportunity for locals to try doughnuts from different doughnut shops from around the area,” said Matt Hensler, founder of Social Hour Power.

Social Power Hour will be working with local doughnut shops in Bakersfield to provide a marketing opportunity for those businesses to reach new customers. Eight to 10 local doughnut vendors will be present at this year’s event, like Prodonuts.

Temblor Brewing Company’s Event Manager Katie Brownell said Donut Fest will take place inside of the building. Along with sampling the best local doughnuts in the city, guests will also receive a Temblor Brewing Company beer ticket for those 21 years old and above.

In addition to doughnuts, Hensler said there will be samples to complement doughnuts, like coffee, milk and tea. Alongside being in doughnut galore, merchandise like T-shirts will be available for purchase at the event.

People are able to purchase early bird tickets starting at $12.50. VIP tickets are $25 and kids are also able to get in on the action for $8.

Some of the event’s proceeds will also go to a good cause. Social Power Hour is donating a portion of its proceeds to Golden Rule Charity and Hospitality Fund.

“Since our events are in the food and beverage space, we want to help the hospitality industry, so 10 percent of our proceeds go to our charity partners,” said Hensler.

Donut Fest is organized by Social Power Hour, a full-service event marketing company that produces food and drink events around the country. Along with Donut Fest, Social Power Hour has put on events like Chef Battle, Bartender Battle, Say Cheese Fest, and Drink Local and Wine Bash in other cities.

The organization has put on Donut Fest in 12 other cities, like San Diego, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Hensler adds that he wants to do more events like Donut Fest in Bakersfield, like bringing the All American Chef Battle to find Bakersfield’s local top chef.

“Chef Battle is one of my favorite events, because we find local chefs and give them a platform to compete and advance to a national battle. ... So next year we’d love to come to Bakersfield for a local competition to find the city’s top chef,” said Hensler.

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