One of my favorite features in this month's magazine reveals what several of my colleagues love to eat for Thanksgiving, everything from cranberry sauce (I'll pass!) to the right stuffing (Stove Top, please, and none of that fancier stuff that requires hours of labor!).

Why bring up stuffing that's out of a box? Because my family and friends know that's my preference, so along with the versions that incorporate meat or fresh vegetables or require days of drying out bread to make it from scratch, a simple box of Stove Top is prepared for me.

And I appreciate it — because people have gone out of their way to do something nice for me. Oh yes, I love a well-prepared turkey, creamy mashed potatoes and side dishes galore. But let's keep the stuffing simple!

But enough about food! Much of this month's magazine is devoted to men, and men's health. (No stuffing!)

Be sure to check out reporter Henry Greenstein's story on what men of all ages should do now to keep themselves healthy as they age. He collected some important advice from doctors in our community.

And we've written several stories about men who are making a difference in their professions, communities and families. Even if you have heard some of these names before, I'm sure you'll find a fact or two you didn't know before — I sure did.

Dick Taylor, I applaud you waking up at 4:50 a.m. to tackle your packed days. Ken Hooper, I'm impressed by what your students do to preserve history, even if, as you shared, they don't always grasp the importance of what they're doing. Bryan Nixon, thanks for inspiring and guiding young athletes. Robert Hunt, thank you for your service to our country in the Marines, as best wishes as you embark on a teaching career following your studies at Cal State Bakersfield.

November — a time to be thankful for men who are making a difference in Kern County, and a time to be thankful for whatever makes our lives a little better as Thanksgiving approaches.

Even the little things, like the right stuffing.

Christine L. Peterson

Executive Editor