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Shelby Parker is the editor of Bakersfield Life magazine. 

You are considered a millennial if you were born between the years of 1981 and 1996, although there are some variations of the criteria. I, myself, am a millennial, born in 1992, but I don’t like the negative connotation that comes with the term.

The demographic associated with being “millennials” has weathered a bad reputation of late, but I don’t see being a millennial as bad at all.

This is a generation of passionate, talented people.

My peers are the ones who are starting their own businesses, juggling multiple "side hustles," leading rallies and raising awareness on issues that have been brushed under the rug. They are the ones who are not only talking about doing something, they actually do it. They are running for office, while raising kids, and they’re not afraid to stray away from the status quo.

Our 20 Under 40 selections have exemplary resumés and are making a difference in our community with their hearts and souls. They are leaders, business owners, givers and change-makers.

The individuals we’ve highlighted are just a few of those in Bakersfield, and in the area, who are going to change the world, because of their grit, determination and willingness to keep moving forward, in spite of any obstacles they may have faced to reach the top.

As someone in the last year of her 20s, I know how challenging it can be to pave your own path while juggling a social life and managing all your responsibilities and commitments outside of your 9-to-5 job.

Those featured in this issue remind all of us, no matter what age you might be, no matter what you might have going on, that you can still go after your dreams and pursue your passions for what you really want in this life.

We hope that you’ll be just as inspired by their stories as we were reading through the submissions!

Shelby Parker


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