I have been looking forward to our home and garden issue for the last few months now because I love everything associated with it!

Like a lot of other people this past year, I have gotten really into plants. Green has never been one of my favorite colors, but now my living room is covered in all its different shades. 

It's amazing what just a few plants can do to a space and for you mentally and emotionally. I feel as though my plants have totally lightened up my living room. Having a bit of nature indoors seems to bring the sunshine with it, which helps on those gray, boring days that we've experienced during this pandemic. 

My plants have also become a new hobby for me, and they have lifted my spirits when I needed it the most. Taking care of houseplants is really fun, especially when you see new leaves join the party. In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I was doing a great job with them. Some leaves turned yellow — a sign of overwatering — others seemed to be thriving, and it was hard to find the sweet spot. But after a bit of research and learning about what conditions certain plants like most, that helped me feel more confident in my skills. 

The world slowed down quite a bit for us in the last year, and some days it's hard to find the motivation to work, go out or do the things you like to do. Finding this new plant hobby has helped me a lot. I forgot how fun it is to dive into something new and discover your passion for it. My mom always had plants in our home, so it's no wonder why I have been enjoying them! 

Another big aspect of home and garden is home decorating. As people were spending more time at home, they realized they needed some upgrades. I'm guilty of it too at times — though I can't change my apartment's paint color, renovate the kitchen and build some better storage options, I still found little things to change up.

My Google searches were dedicated to finding myself a new couch, cute decorations and other little furnishings here and there. I didn't go too crazy with any of it, but I have a nice wishlist of items ready for when I want to splurge.

All of this is to say that home and garden is fun! It signals the start of spring for me, and hopefully it inspires people to make some well-needed changes in their homes. Our April issue is full of stories dedicated to different interior design styles, how to decorate your home full of plants and sprucing up your backyard.

As the weather gets warmer, have some fun brightening up your home! Some new throw pillows, furniture and greenery never hurt anyone!

Ema Sasic



Ema Sasic can be reached at 661-395-7392. Follow her on Twitter: @ema_sasic.