I’m no psychic, but it’s safe to assume that you’re reading this at home, just like I wrote this at home.

Well over a month has passed since the order was given for everyone to stay home and practice social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and I have been working from my humble abode ever since.

It’s difficult to put into words life as it currently stands. These are unprecedented times that will be ingrained in our memories — the focus of books, class lectures and case studies for years to come. We are living through a historical event.

It’s frustrating having to put our lives on hold — to not be able to do the things that we want with the people we want. It’s difficult to not look ahead and wonder when this will all be over. But now’s the best time to think and reflect, to reassess our priorities and the things we value most. Because if there’s one thing we have more of right now, it’s time.

In the past month and a half, I’ve realized that I need the boundaries established by working in the office and leaving after eight hours. Working from home, I’ve found myself in front of the computer before there’s a glimmer of light in the sky some days and not realizing the sun has set during others. I learned that dogs do in fact get sore, an eye-opening discovery that was the result of going out for too many walks. I’ve discovered that there is such a thing as too much frozen pizza.

But more importantly, I realized that slowing down isn’t such a bad thing. Our lives are lived at such a fast pace that we sometimes forget to enjoy them, going into autopilot as we follow the same routine each day. It’s not until we’re forced to deviate from the norm that we start to notice the areas that can be improved. And there’s no better time to address them than now.

Now is the time to ask ourselves: Do we set enough time aside for the things that bring us joy? Do we do enough to let the people we care about know that we care about them? What’s preventing us from accomplishing the things we’ve always wanted? Are we appreciative of what we have in our lives? Is the way we treat others reflective of how we want to be treated?

If we like where things currently stand, let’s keep doing the things that helped get us there. If not, let’s look for ways to remedy the situation.

What our mindset and attitude will be like when we come out of quarantine is something we should be thinking about right now.

I hope we all come out of this better people than when it started. Let us reenter the world with a newfound passion for life — one that has us loving harder, laughing louder, smiling wider and saying yes more often. Better yet, let’s start now.

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