In the hot summer days that grace Kern County every summer, ice cream is definitely my go-to indulgence. In my LA days, going to grab some ice cream with friends always meant hitting up Salt and Straw.

So when I was craving something sweet here in Bakersfield, I wasn’t sure where to go. I wanted something unique. So I did what any millennial would do and did a quick Yelp search. However, I quickly realized that the only places that were coming up were, well, chains. I didn’t want ice cream from a place that mixed it on a stone or rhymed with “Laskin Bobbins.”

If I wanted to find something unique, I needed to ask around. After speaking to a few Bako natives, one place was mentioned over and over again: Rosemary’s Family Creamery.

“It’s a family creamery that’s been in Kern County forever,” they said.

Family owned with some history? Sounded right up my alley. So off I went.

Walking into Rosemary’s is like walking into a time machine. The adorable corner ice cream parlor has gorgeous large windows, checkered blue-and-white floors, and garden bistro seating. The patron crowd varied from young to old yet one thing was consistent all around: Everyone was smiling! Everyone seemed happy, enjoying something from their lunch menu or having one of Rosemary’s classic sundaes. I couldn’t wait to order something for myself to join the happy crowd.

I ordered Roseanne’s profiteroles and Steve’s banana split.

The profiteroles were huge! Three puff pastries stuffed with large scoops of housemade vanilla ice cream and drizzled with hot chocolate syrup. A spoonful of this dish is decadent and refreshing that will have you going back to lick the plate clean. My only complaint about this dish is that I wish the profiteroles were as fresh as the ice cream. The puff pastry itself was lackluster, a tad stale and left you desiring the doughy goodness that a puff pastry is known and loved for. Bottom line: The signature vanilla ice cream is the star of the dish that will keep you coming back for more.

The banana split was equally as gigantic if not more than the profiteroles. I’ve never seen a larger sundae anywhere else. It almost came up to my chin! It contains Three large scoops of ice cream in classic Neapolitan fashion, hot chocolate fudge, strawberry sauce, pineapple sauce, bananas (of course), sprinkled with toasted nuts, and topped with house-churned whipped cream and a cherry on top. Se magnifique! It was absolutely delicious. I wouldn’t change a thing. Rosemary’s took a classic and kicked it up a notch in every way while keeping the integrity of the dish. Well done!

Rosemary’s is the only place I’ve ever visited that can make every other ice cream places seem boring. Rosemary’s dishes go above and beyond in the best way possible. They keep everything traditional and classic while elevating it to their signature standard. Rosemary’s has been a successful family owned business in Kern County for 35 years and is nestled in downtown Bakersfield for everyone to enjoy.

Though there’s nothing wrong with the “Chilly Stones” or “Laskin Bobbins” of ice cream, Rosemary’s is a place that will have you second-guessing ever visiting those places again. So if you want to stay cool this summer and sweeten up your day, visit Rosemary’s Family Creamery for some housemade goodness. Bring your friends and wear your stretchy pants!

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