Aileen Saucedo is a local Bakersfield realtor whose lifestyle change not only changed her health, but changed the Bakersfield health-food scene.

In 2013, Saucedo was looking for a healthy lifestyle change for her and her family, who were suffering from immunity issues and common allergies. After being recommended medications by doctors, Saucedo wanted to find a more natural approach to remedy these ailments. She started to research and eventually came across juicing.

Juicing ended up being the answer for her family’s well-being for all its natural benefits. Saucedo’s wellness journey not only benefited her personally, but also professionally as she now makes her juices available for Bakersfield locals.

After hearing Saucedo’s story firsthand, I had to try these juices for myself. Being a newcomer to Bakersfield (formerly from LA), ZEAL was just the thing I was looking for. ZEAL has a variety of juices and wellness shots using all my favorite superfoods, herbs and spices. Saucedo works with a certified dietician who helps her create these vibrant organic juices for various health benefits. No gimmicks here!

“Morning Glory” is ZEAL’s top seller, good for recovery and hydration. My favorite was the “Black Maple” that combines alkaline water, activated coconut charcoal, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper to cleanse your system of toxins. A close second was the “C3,” which can improve your vision, hair, skin and nails by combining the health properties of carrot, celery, apple and orange in a delicious blend.

ZEAL’s Instagram is always promoting its cleanses and monthly challenges. They create a team mentality by sharing their clients’ journeys with challenges through their Instagram Stories. ZEAL is the epitome of a one-stop shop for health, nutrition and even weight loss. They seem genuinely interested in your success in achieving your health goals.

“We want to be a part of your hustle,” said Aileen.

Discovering ZEAL was a fun experience. Meeting Aileen and hearing her story about her juice journey was inspiring.

Zeal’s juices are clean and delicious, not thick or heavy like most competitors. Their bottles are sleek and stylish and their vision shown through their social media is inspiring.

My only complaint about ZEAL is the location. It is a bit hard to find for first-time visitors, located within Modern Grub off of Calloway Drive and Brimhall Road. This won’t be a concern much longer as ZEAL’s first solo storefront is due to open in April 2019 in downtown Bakersfield. 

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