Throughout my food journey in Bakersfield, I’ve noticed that the variety and diversity of the food scene here is growing, especially in Asian fusion cuisine. Though I love seeing this growth with a spike in poke spots and pho shops, still being somewhat new in town, I still hadn’t tried some of the Asian fusion classics that Bakersfield has to offer.

Enter Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar.

Found in the heart of downtown Bakersfield, Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar has called Westchester home for the last eight years. The restaurant boasts a 200-seat dining room along with an experienced Angeleno chef (originally from Thailand) who has created and executes its Thai fusion menu on the daily. Being a lover of Asian cuisine, I have tried almost every Korean barbecue, poke, pho and ramen spot Bakersfield has to offer.

With all of these places, I always left with a full tummy and yet a disappointed palate. So when I decided to join friends for dinner at Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar, I didn’t think much of it.

Just another Asian spot, right? Wrong!

Upon walking into Chef’s Choice, I crossed the threshold and was met with the incredible aromas of Thailand. As I followed the hostess to our table, waiters whizzed by into the bustling dining room with dishes that filled the air with the essence of Thai basil, coriander and toasted peanuts. Looking over the menu was a little daunting as there were so many choices. They have a large menu with something for everyone. Appetizers, soups, salads, noodles, fried rice, entrees, pho, desserts – the menu went on and on.

Everything sounded amazing, but I couldn’t decide on just one thing. So, in regular “Dre” fashion, I ordered a handful of items with a master plan to have a to-go-box party with a leftover feast.

I ordered the pork dumplings, the noodle tom yum soup, spicy eggplant stir-fry, their signature surf and turf with a side of pineapple fried rice and, finally for dessert, a Thai classic, sticky rice with mango.

All of the dishes exceeded my expectations. The combination of traditional flavors with a dash of creative flair took this meal to infinity and beyond. This was especially evident in the pineapple fried rice, the tom yum soup and the mango sticky rice. All of these dishes are traditional Thai cuisine that I have tried elsewhere, yet Chef’s Choice is the place that got them right.

Let me just say, I will never have mango sticky rice dessert anywhere else but Chef’s Choice ever again. Yes, seriously. Each dish exploded with unique flavors and textures, yet one never overpowered the other. Thai cuisine is all about the balance of earthy flavors with a touch of brightness from fruits, herbs and spices. Chef’s Choice is a place that gets fusion right by combining these traditional flavors with a modern twist. My dining experience at Chef’s Choice was a culinary symphony from start to finish, complete with impeccable service, knowledgeable staff and even a greeting from the owner. A five-star dinner!

Though Chef’s Choice isn’t the new kid on the block, it is not one to be ignored. In my opinion, it is the Asian fusion spot to go to here in Bakersfield. So whether you’re heading out for a date night, dinner with friends or are in need of a spot for your next banquet, Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar has you covered to make your experience one to remember. I know I’ll remember mine! 

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Good to see a food review from someone new.

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