Salty’s BBQ embodies hospitality and the craft of grilling. The dedication to the customer is obvious, as Mr. Salters offers rich history and care at both Bakersfield locations. You can feel that the satisfaction of customer service is No. 1, and leaves you with a great impression.

“The Sauce Master,” “Meat-oligist,” and “Mr. Hospitality,” owner Jeff Salters, treated the “Dining Diva’s” to such a warm and engaging experience.


Norma Rojas Mora on the tri-tip and chicken dinner: Salty’s stays true to preparing its barbecue the traditional way: a wood-fire smoker. It’s the key to preparing mouthwatering tri-tip and chicken. The enjoyable dinner came with a toasted Pyrenees roll, spicy mac and cheese, and enough tri-tip and chicken to have leftovers. The tri-tip is prepared with Salty’s rub, marinated overnight and slow cooked over a red oak fire resulting in tender meat that is flavored just right and chicken that keeps you coming back for more.

Beatris Espericueta Sanders on the Salty’s Special: A sandwich fit for a king. Please do not underestimate the bold flavors in this stacked sandwich: the combination is fierce! Layered tri-tip, pulled pork, barbecue sauce, pepperoncinis and coleslaw hit the mark. While the meat in this sandwich should be enough for any average person, combining the barbecue and coleslaw is such a creative addition and cools your palate. What really makes this sandwich are the pepperoncinis that add that a refreshing, spicy flavor after every bite. This sandwich can easily be for a party of two and still be satisfying.

Joanie Haenelt on the pulled pork and ribs combo: From the moment I arrived, the aroma of the barbecue smoke was tantalizing. I ordered the pulled pork and ribs combo with sautéed green beans as my side. Talk about anticipation. My plate was piled with delicious pulled pork that had been smoked for hours then cooked overnight. It was served to a tender perfection and complemented by Salty’s homemade sauce. The pork rib was meaty and the beef rib was huge. Both had a special dry rub and smoke flavor that personified what real down-home barbecue should be.

Andrea Caldwell on the pulled pork and grilled chicken: I kept my taste buds planted on the pulled pork and grilled chicken that was excellent, with hints of orange and lemon in the grilling process. Salters was certainly tight-lipped, about Salty’s special meat rub. My guess is: ground pepper, salt, garlic, rosemary and oregano – the classics.

The seasonings come to life, grilled using red oak, which brings a vibrant, rustic, smoky flavor. The pulled pork is smoked for 10 hours and as a result, the meat is bursting with flavor. Accompanied by fresh green beans, a perfect match for the pulled pork and chicken plate. The crisp green beans were blanched and seasoned with mild hints of garlic and salt.


Beatris Espericueta Sanders on the potato salad: This is the way all potato salads should be made: full of ingredients, not fluff. Ingredients like sliced black olives, pickles, boiled eggs and love. Yes, love. This potato salad has an excellent combination of mashed potatoes and chunky potatoes. It’s thick with flavor and consistency throughout, a perfect side to any meal.

Joanie Haenelt on the s’mores brownie: For dessert, I had the s’mores brownie. A triple chocolate brownie over a graham cracker crust, topped with marshmallows and baked all together. Delicious! You don’t have to go camping to enjoy this s’mores treat.

Norma Rojas Mora on the spicy mac and cheese: I had to try the spicy mac and cheese that I had heard so much about. Not on the original menu, the mac and cheese was introduced in 2015 after Salters was asked to create an original recipe. Given the challenge, he set out to make an original recipe that resulted in a creamy and spicy mac and cheese that is delicious. A combination of pepper jack and jalapeno cheeses and pepper sauce results in a mac and cheese with a kick. It’s a much-appreciated addition to the menu and is one of the local favorites – and I am its newest fan!