Established in 1952, the Petroleum Club relocated to Stockdale Tower off California Avenue around 2003. This 12th-story spot is well-known for its fine dining amid astonishing panoramic views.

The Petroleum Club radiates appeal, from its dark wood decor to the vintage-style patterned carpeting and highly polished flooring. The quality of the Petroleum Club is reminiscent of an era gone by but in every way worth revisiting. The pristine place settings on the spacious round tables amid the two- and four-tops exemplify the elegance and tradition of fine dining.

The staff thoughtfully executed every aspect of our experience by way of customer service, presentation, dining and audible visiting. Bravo to a high star rating!


Tamara Baker on the jumbo crab cakes: What a perfect way to start our dinner! I can say, hands down, these were the best crab cakes I’ve ever had. The crab was extremely fresh and the breading was light with just the right amount of secret spices. It was served with a remoulade, basil oil, greens and lemon, providing the dish with a soiree of new tastes.


Doretha Jones on the filet mignon with black truffle butter: The filet mignon flavor and tenderness was exquisite. Adding the black truffle butter sent this steak over the top with culinary satisfaction! Served with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus, this dish was not only visually pleasing but extremely enjoyable to the palate.

Lynn Agabashian on the Colorado rack of lamb: The four delicate chops are twice cooked, first by pan-searing in the appropriate oils, herbs and spices and then into the oven for a final roasting. The chops met the taste buds with succulent perfection. Tender bites with a subtly sweet mint demi-glace on the side gave way to this mouthwatering entree paired with garlic mashed potatoes atop chutes of young sauteed asparagus.

Tamara Baker on the twin lobster tails: I ordered a total of 10 ounces of sweet, delectable lobster, and there wasn’t a morsel left. The two 5-ounce lobster tails were served butterfly style with a grilled half-lemon and an insane amount of drawn butter. The side of mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus were the perfect salty sides to the already flavorfully rich lobster.

Olivia Garcia on the Ora King salmon: Lynn has become our salmon expert in our reviews but this time, she shared the love and I got to try the Ora King salmon. Talk about the picture-perfect dish, both inside and out. The salmon was nicely complemented with pea risotto and citrus beurre blanc, caper relish and grilled lemon. The staff raved over how the salmon has become quite the fave at the Petroleum Club. I couldn’t agree more.


Olivia Garcia on the cheesecake: Sweet-tooth lovers, you must explore the Petroleum Club’s cheesecake, made in-house with a wonderful raspberry coulis and graham crackers. You can savor a lemon zest in this carefully crafted dessert. The texture was creamy, not too dry. This treat is fun for one or even better for two.

Doretha Jones on the creme brulee: Creme brulee is a delightfully rich, elegant dessert – and my favorite. The Petroleum Club’s version was superb! The custard was smooth, rich and firm and the crackly caramelized sugar on top was the perfect contrast.

Lynn Agabashian on the bananas Foster: My dining experience ended with the Petroleum Club’s interesting take on bananas Foster. The potion of warmed brown sugar, cinnamon and butter is heated, stirred and cooked down until the sugar dissolves. The bananas are then added over scoops of rich vanilla ice cream. A serious kick from the dark rum is infused into the buttery mixture of sugar and spice. For the liquor lover, I’m certain the flavor spells everything nice!


Doretha Jones on the Treana 2016 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon: Our server, Jacob, recommended Treana 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon to accompany my steak. This cab is bold and juicy, loaded with aromas of black cherry, vanilla and roasted cocoa and paired well with beef. It’s every bit as good as more expensive wines and I love supporting California Central Valley wineries.

Tamara Baker on the LangeTwins 2016 Estate Grown Chardonnay: This chardonnay was almost a dessert in itself. It was buttery, yet fruity with hints of vanilla. I think if it were an actual food, it might be a Danish. Luckily, I was able to control myself from drinking it all before the lobster arrived, which was a perfect pairing.

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