Jeramy Brown, co-owner of The Kitchen, is trying to make life a little easier for people who are having a tough time, especially during a time when business isn’t exactly booming.

“We have a lot of people in this world that are important to us in many ways and this has been a difficult and stressful time. We just want to give people a break to know that they are thought of and that people care,” Brown said.

The Kitchen established a GoFundMe account where 100 percent of the donations go to “comfort meals” to feed people who are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Brown said community members can send in nominations for people to receive comfort meals. People chosen receive the same dishes The Kitchen serves on its weekly menu, like full three-course meals.

“Whatever the funds are in the donation, that goes into the meals. Even with little donation, we can donate meals to many people,” he said.

Brown also mentioned the people selected felt grateful and surprised.

“People need that. It’s the smallest gestures that go a long way. It’s very gratifying to see that while giving a chance to help out the community — it’s so important. We want to give them something elevated, casual and special,” he said.

Brown said another way The Kitchen is staying connected with the community is by being interactive through social media.

“On Tuesday at 2 o’clock, Chef Richard (Yoshimura) conducts a class with instructions on either how to prepare a dish or a beverage. We do a theme dinner every week with someone local and plan out a three-course meal around their products. Those people need help as much as anyone else,” he said.

Brown partners with local farms like Broadfork Acres, Pickalittle Farms, Autonomy Farms and the Edible Schoolyard by highlighting their produce and building a menu around what they offer.

“We try to be creative in that process. We want to highlight local produce and give those people a chance to be remembered when people are looking to purchase things,” Brown said.

The Kitchen has donated around 120 comfort meals to people so far and wants to continue donating meals.

“I wish we could do more. We’re also in challenging times but we want to be able to highlight everyone else around us, like local farms and businesses,” Brown said.

Brown said The Kitchen will also continue doing instructional Instagram Live videos with Yoshimura at 2 p.m. every Tuesday even after the pandemic.

“We want to help out. Going forward though, these are difficult times and so much uncertainty. There’s nothing we can do about this but we can pivot. Giving up is not an option and hope is very important. We thrive on that here,” Brown said. 

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