Lengthwise pastrami sandwich

Every month, Bike Bakersfield hosts a full-moon ride that starts at Beach Park in downtown Bakersfield and ends at Lengthwise at The Marketplace in southwest Bakersfield. It’s an opportunity to sample the entire menu – after all, you did burn a few calories along the way. The subject this month was the hot pastrami sandwich, which loads thinly sliced pastrami, homemade mustard and cheddar cheese on your choice of bread. Pastrami sandwiches are a paradox of sorts, an odd combination of meat that is tender and tough and flavors that are salty, sour and spicy. But it works and it’s delicious. Isn’t that all that matters in the end? For an extra kick, opt for the jalapeno bread.

– Lengthwise Brewery • 7700 District Blvd. • 2900 Calloway Dr. • 9000 Ming Ave. at The Marketplace

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