Since its opening, Cafe Smitten has always been a popular cafe in Bakersfield for its simple menu and casual vibe. Similar to some places in the city are its fall specialty items. Cafe Smitten's maple spice latte comes in either hot or iced and has a sweet maple flavor and subtle spice to kick your day off. Pair this with Cafe Smitten's pie hole, where customers can choose from a Mexican chocolate flavor, Nutella hazelnut, blueberry and apple crumble. It's soft, sweet and pairs well with any of their beverages. 

Cafe Smitten

909 18th St. 

(661) 843-7305

1407 Buena Vista Rd.

(661) 282-8641


Cloud 9 Coffee Co. aims to take your coffee shop experience to the next level, or cloud. With the weather getting slightly cooler, so too come the fall treats. Cloud 9 Coffee Co. has plenty of pumpkin spiced desserts that will fill you up before you head to work or if you're looking for a sweet treat in the middle of the day. Its pumpkin scone is the perfect mix of not-too-sweet and not-too-dry that can easily be paired with one of its many seasonal lattes. Another dessert for those on the go include its autumn cake pops, which come in a festive orange color with sprinkles.

Cloud 9 Coffee Co.

5060 California Avenue, Suite 130

(661) 374-8985