Beck Dobrzanski

Beck Dobrzanski, right, and his brother Pierce Dobrzanski get some air at Beach Park Skatepark.

Beck Dobrzanski, a Garces grad and athlete, is making waves as a sponsored professional scooterist. He’s making his name on social media all while helping the local Bakersfield scooter and skate scene get on the radar.

With over 4,300 Instagram followers and 4,600 views on his “Super Sixty” video on YouTube, Dobrzanski is representing Bakersfield and grinding his way across the globe and perfecting the riding skills that he first discovered at local skate parks.

“My family and I would ride our bikes along the Kern River bike path and we’d end up stopping at Beach Park,” he said. “I grew up riding a lot of the streets downtown, cruising with my buddies looking for spots to have fun and film.”

Life in Bakersfield has shaped Dobrzanski’s work ethic.

“The key is to stay riding in the summer when it’s the hottest,” he said. “Practice makes perfect and I’ve been practicing for seven years.”

Dobrzanski is currently sponsored by The Scooter Farm, a San Diego-based retailer, and tries to look for rider-owned businesses.

“I got put on The Farm because I was always going to San Diego and shredding every time,” he said.

It is a good match. As the son of a cattle-ranching family with deep roots in Bakersfield, Dobrzanski claims, “I was on the farm before I was even on The Farm.”

After watching kids at Beach Park and perusing YouTube videos, Dobrzanski and his brother Pierce grabbed their scooters and took off. By age 14, he and his friends started recording on cellphones, eventually professional cameras. It is this kind of determination and enthusiasm to refine his craft that makes Dobrzanski not only a great athlete but a great representative for the town.

On weekends and breaks from pursuing a business administration degree at Whittier College, Dobrzanski continues to practice by touring skate parks and action parks around the state. His local go-to for practice is Woodward West in Stallion Springs, a summer camp and action park that sports obstacle setups for street riding, vertical ramps and half pipes.

“I’d been going there since about eighth grade and was a camper every summer until I turned 18,” he said. “That’s when I met a lot of the guys from LA who I am still friends with.”

Along with riding there, Dobrzanski worked as a counselor, instructor and on-site instructor, sharing his good energy and teaching kids important lessons along the way.

“I like showing kids that you literally just have to do it,” he said.

When a camper hesitates, Dobrzanski is there with a cool confidence.

“I tell them, ‘You’re not sending it, just send it,’” he said. “No one just hops on a scooter and hits a huge rail. It takes practice.” 

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