Rig City

I wanted to start my own business well before I moved to Bakersfield in 2010.

Last year, my wife, Shannon, and I opened Rig City in Downtown Bakersfield, and it’s been the best decision. We love coffee and having a shop is a way to be around coffee all day and share it with our friends and neighbors.

Opening a coffee shop was not just about the coffee. I have a natural entrepreneurial spirit, enjoy being my own boss and I like the creative freedom to tweak or change things based on what the consumer wants. I like being innovative, finding ways to implement those new ideas in what we’re doing already and offering customers a unique and high-quality product.

Opening Rig City in downtown seemed like an ideal and obvious choice for us.

The central location offers great access for customers from all over town and the community of downtown businesses and residents is very close. We cheer each other on. We enjoy being involved in the community by sharing life with our neighbors, whether they be just down the street or several blocks away. We think there is something for everyone downtown and we want customers and visitors to feel welcome and enjoy themselves.

The downtown area is great for pedestrians. Customers can grab not only a cup of coffee downtown, but they can also go shopping, grab lunch, catch a show, take a class or just people watch.

It’s the community that makes this town so great – the blend of homegrown residents with transplants helps bring in new ideas as well as preserving our history and identity. Bakersfield has that small-town feel while still being an emerging city in California. The people here have a large variety of ideas and a shared desire to make Bakersfield better. For us, that means being involved in causes that can improve our city. We recently partnered with the Valley Fever Americans Foundation to help fund research.

My hope for Bakersfield is to continue to grow in population and influence. I hope that people continue to see Bakersfield as a destination to create a life for themselves. This means something different for each person. For us, it means opening a business around something we love in the place we are proud to call home. 

Isaac and his wife, Shannon, opened the Rig City coffee shop in the spring of 2018. They love Bakersfield, being involved in the community + of course, really good coffee.

The views expressed are those of Isaac.

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