Be In Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a beautifully dynamic city. One thing that makes our beloved town so special is having so many neighborhoods that each have their own distinct appeal.

Depending on your interests, values and even where you grew up, you may have your own favorite part of the city.

So we took to the Be in Bakersfield Instagram audience and asked their thoughts. Here’s what Bakersfield residents had to say.


Northeast Bakersfield

Best known for its rolling hills and undeveloped landscape, the major attraction in northeast Bakersfield is the plethora of things you can do outside.

@sheryce02 – “The big trees and the breeze! And being close to hiking and biking trails.”

@kelsy_mccoy – “Sing it with me now: Wide-open spacessssss.”

Southeast Bakersfield

Southeast Bakersfield is made up of a lot of farming country for businesses and families – nowhere else in town will you find people riding horses along the roads.

@mitchellcochran – “I loved growing up in the southeast where it became more and more culturally diverse. And at night, the faint sound of the train passing through is very nostalgic.”

@4schorr – “The farmlands in the southeast are beautiful and are a big part of our town’s heritage. And I love the smell of the orange orchards each year.”

Downtown Bakersfield

Downtown Bakersfield is notorious for its historic charm and unique architecture.

@smithlove – “Old homes with character, walkability/proximity to downtown and our neighbors!”

@mistydameron – “We LOVE downtown – so close to everything; love the older section of homes where we live, big trees and unique homes with history.”


Rosedale is the home of stellar school districts and a variety of parks.

@csu_lee – “The quiet streets, the convenience of being close to my favorite stores and New Vintage Grill!”

@kirstieruud – “Parks all over the place and a great school district.”


For those who love to be close to new restaurants and shops, Stockdale is the ideal location.

@bridgetcunningham – “The schools, shopping and restaurants are pretty great! We’re close to the crosstown freeway to make the downtown/eastside commute a little faster.”

@brittanywegis – “A lot of my in-laws live in Haggin Oaks and The Oaks. They love it there. Right next to The Marketplace, very clean and well-kept.”

Northwest Bakersfield

Northwest Bakersfield is great for those who need a little peace and quiet on their neighborhood streets.

@saavycookie – “It’s close to everything. Quieter and less traffic than southwest. Easygoing crowd.”

@kevinmershon – “Saddleback at Tallus Ranch. It’s usually nice and quiet but with quick access to Westside Parkway.”

Southwest Bakersfield

With new housing developments popping up left and right, the southwest is one of the most popular places to move to for a brand-new home.

@maddy_p_arbusto – “It’s the new central part of town! Close to everything.”

@instajesus – “I love the constant expansion! It’s exciting to see what will pop up next.”

Be neighborly in Bakersfield. 

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