Be In Bakersfield

Walking down 18th Street, there is tangible excitement growing around this once-neglected swath of downtown. New energy melds with downtown institutions, all framed by an unrelenting street grid.

What defines this place? How do we tell its story? How does that story evolve as streets and buildings take on new meaning?

As a founding member of Be in Bakersfield and principal architect of Cater Design Group, the intersection of community identity and physical space is never far from my mind. On a recent trip to San Francisco, I reconnected with a former work colleague who described a new project with her firm, Studio O+A, titled “Food for Thought Truck.”

The Food for Thought Truck is a new concept for Studio O+A. Conceived as a mobile design studio, the team has spent the fall driving to various West Coast destinations, partnering with local communities and bringing their unique multidisciplinary design approach to projects centered around tactical urbanism.

For a week in November, the Food for Thought Truck will be located in the heart of Eastchester. Their visit will include community presentations, design charrettes and activities aimed at hosting a communitywide exercise in visualizing Eastchester. Join us for a series of events centered around place aimed at further developing Eastchester’s story.

The Studio O+A Food for Thought Truck will be coming to the Eastchester neighborhood from Nov. 10-16, parked beside Cafe Smitten (909 18th St.). The team’s visit will kick off during downtown’s Second Saturday (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

Follow the Food for Thought Truck’s journey on Instagram @oa_fftt 

Daniel Cater is principal architect of Cater Design Group Inc. and a founding member of Be In Bakersfield. The views expressed are his own.

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