Pizza joints in Bakersfield are not hard to find. With strong Italian culture and influence in the Bakersfield community, pasta and pizza needs are never more than a stone’s throw away. Though the traditional Italian pie covered in fresh mozzarella is always a winner in my book, I was on the hunt to find a type of pizza place that pushed the expectation.

I found what I was looking for in the epicenter of the city in Bakersfield Pizza Co. & Bar. It has everything your typical pizza place is supposed to have, but it all comes with a twist.

Walking through the front door alone took me on a journey. I expected to find red checkered table cloths, Louis Prima playing overhead and maybe even nonna stirring a pot of marinara in the back. Instead, I walked into a 1900s American industrial-vibe dining room complete with a Prohibition-style bar, vintage bicycles and tidy bartenders wearing suspenders.

I walked into something different from the norm, and it was refreshing.

But that was only the beginning. Bakersfield Pizza Co.’s menu is very unique. Its vast menu describes over-the-top innovation with a hint of intimidation. With menu items that read “Bangkok boom,” “tropic thunder” and “mango habanero sauce,” I realized that Bakersfield Pizza Co. was in a league of its own – and a little out of mine.

Whatever. BRING IT ON.

I tried the garlic bombs, summer salad, PB&J wings and three of their pizzas – spicy mac and cheese, mambo Italiano and Bangkok boom. By the end of my meal, I felt like a walrus, though a very satisfied one.

The creativity and cohesion of Bakersfield Pizza Co.’s flavors are out of this world. This seems like a place where the chef mixes his passion and imagination, puts it on plate and gets it right every time. Each bite of the different pizzas exploded with unique flavors and textures, yet one never overpowered the other. It was symphonic. Bakersfield Pizza Co. has gained popularity for its menu items that push the envelope and your flavor palate, however, their options of traditional-style Margherita pizza and Buffalo wings were equally as memorable and left my mouth in a tizzy trying to decide if I liked it or loved it.

But the best option of all is their “off menu” vegan pizzas. Being a huge pizza fan, I feel as though it should be enjoyed by all.

Some say a pizza is only a good as its sauce, but Bakersfield Pizza Co. doesn’t need to worry about that. Their homemade marinara is one for the ages, complete with a hint of sweet basil that any Italian nonna would be proud of.

Though Bakersfield Pizza Co. is not your traditional pizza parlor, it is one that has everybody talking about its outrageous combinations, flavors and even better service. Whether it’s to watch the big game with friends or sharing a pie with the famiglia, Bakersfield Pizza Co. fits the bill for any occasion.

NOTE: If you’re coming here for dinner, you might want to skip lunch. Come all, come hungry. 

Andrea “Dre” Saavedra is a food and beverage professional with 10 years of experience. follow her on Instagram @diningwithdre_. The views expressed are her own.

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