The streets of Bakersfield come to life with the aromas and flavors of local food trucks. These are just a few of the passionate, hard-working people in our community who keep the food trucks in town operating every night. If you’ve grown weary of visiting the same restaurants and fast food places and want to try your luck at something new, I suggest the following food trucks.

Birria Bros:

Nestled on the corner of H and Brundage, you’ll find a cherry red food truck called Birria Bros that is run by the very accomplished Lara Arvizu family. It consists of nine employees total, mostly family and friends, as they all have full-time jobs or are full-time students.

The brothers decided to keep the family tradition of cooking the delicious family recipes and open a taco truck to share them with the community.

In the future, they plan to open a drive-thru restaurant and continue to expand their family business.

Whether you decide to try the tacos, the birria plate, quesa tacos, mulitas, burrito or Birria Torta, you will not be disappointed. The birria meat is tender, juicy and full of flavor. The rice and beans are an authentic family recipe and stand out from other traditional Spanish rice and beans. The salsa has a kick that will have you running for something to drink, so it is not for the faint of heart. Order one of their strawberry horchatas or a strawberry lemonade to complete your order. If the food didn't already have you coming back for more, their refreshing drinks sure will. They also offer pickled onions, cilantro, and fresh-cut onions as toppings for their meals. They are only open for limited hours in the evenings and on weekends. Follow them on Instagram for all of the updates.

Visit: On the corner of H Street and Brundage Lane

Pita Paradise:

When you think of food trucks, there’s a good chance you don’t immediately think of Mediterranean food. However, what a refreshing surprise it was to find this truck.

For a food truck, this was some of the most authentic Mediterranean food I've ever had the pleasure of eating.

Pita Paradise is run by two brothers, Ahmad and Mohammed Saphieh.

The operation was inspired by home-cooked, childhood meals prepared by their mother, Yasmine, who they call Chef Yaso. The authenticity of their dishes comes from all imported spices and ingredients from their home of Jerusalem and all recipes are handcrafted by Chef Yaso herself. She prepares all of the food, spices and dressings at home, and the two trucks are run by her sons.

Paradise Fries are one of the many mouthwatering options that you will find here, and one of their best sellers. With large portions of food and flavors that satisfy your palate, you can't go wrong with anything on their menu. They plan to continue expanding and hopefully one day open a restaurant. Every other Wednesday the truck from White Lane parks in the Memorial Hospital parking lot to help feed the hospital workers in the spare times that they can take lunches and breaks. You can also find the H Street Pita Paradise truck located in the Tejon Outlets on Saturdays and Sundays. For more information on their menu items and locations, follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

Visit: Located at 2020 H St., which has been operating for six years and their newest location is 3901 Wible Road, on the corner of White Lane and Wible Road in the Sparkling Image parking lot.

Big Al's BBQ:

A locally-owned barbecue truck run by a wonderful couple, Alex Mendoza and Pam Balistreri, Big Al's BBQ has been open and operating since 2018. Formerly found on the corner of Oswell and Niles streets, they have been at their new location for about four months.

After spending many years as a truck driver, and a head-on collision,  Mendoza made the decision that it was time for a career change, and took a leap of faith to open their food truck. They started out by selling plates of barbecue meats, pasta and potato salads out of the back of their car.

Mendoza gives many thanks to his supportive friends who helped him build the business to what it is today. He wanted to personally thank Joe Martinez for helping this dream come true, and Orion Sanders for helping set them up as a vendor for the Rock ‘N’ Blues festival in Kernville every year.

Balistreri is a teacher in Delano and spends most of her spare time helping run the food truck. She prepares all of the potato salad, macaroni salad and chili beans.

If you are looking for good quality, home-cooked barbecue and sides, Big Al's BBQ is the place to go.

Mendoza and Balistreri pride the restaurant on having a simple menu with quality food, only using Harris Ranch meats and guaranteeing the food they sell. They offer free delivery for healthcare workers and the elderly.

The meats and sides made at Big Al's BBQ are exactly what they dreamed their establishment to be. Everything is cooked to tender perfection, the ribs are full of flavor and not overpowering with spices or seasonings. Their pit beef and chicken sandwiches are simple, yet full of flavor, and Balistreri’s macaroni salad and chili beans remind me of a good home-cooked barbecue, and had me reminiscing about summertime barbecues from my childhood. If you are in a rush, no worries here, the couple try to get all of their customers in and out in under five minutes. However, if you want Big Al's BBQ for dinner, I suggest showing up in the early afternoon, as they sell out so quickly; the latest they have been able to stay open before selling out is 6 p.m.

Visit: Located at 23rd Street and Chester Avenue


PROdonuts is Bakersfield's first mobile doughnut and coffee bar.  It's owned and operated by the wonderfully sweet Aubrie Felkins, a Bakersfield native who single-handedly runs the entire operation.  

PROdonuts' signature dish is a gluten-free doughnut option, with sugar-free topping options.

Felkins’ grandfather, Norvan Powers, was the main inspiration behind PROdonuts. Due to health complications, Powers was no longer able to have sugar, and around the same time, Felkins’ son was also diagnosed with a gluten allergy, and she wanted to create a way that they could still enjoy sweets without posing any health risks.  

With health issues such as diabetes, heart failure and celiac disease on the rise for many people, PROdonuts is the perfect place for those with health restrictions to still enjoy sweets.  

Felkins started selling her delicious doughnuts to the Sully's Chevron locations in 2015 and has continued to grow with them. You can find her delicious doughnuts in any of the Sully's Chevron locations in Bakersfield.

She opened the first mobile doughnut and coffee bar in Bakersfield in 2018. She caters weddings, baby showers and other events.  

You can't go wrong with any of the options that Felkins hand crafts. Each one is as delicious and yummy as the next.  

All doughnuts are gluten free, and baked instead of fried. Some of the icing flavors include birthday cake, vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, maple and lemon.  

You can also choose from one or more of the toppings offered, such as sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles, or you can choose a sugar-free option such as sugar-free chocolate, caramel and jelly.  

They also serve many different coffee options, as well as vegan protein shakes, and a delicious mango protein smoothie.Felkins also offers a gluten-free protein waffle.  

Felkins supports local EMTs, first responders, law enforcement officers and military members by offering them a discount when they ID or stop by in uniform.  

She hopes to move the operation to the Central Coast one day, but for now you can find her in the Flooring Liquidators Parking lot on Rosedale Highway, or reach out on Instagram to book your next event.  

Visit: Flooring Liquidators Parking Lot - 6611 Rosedale Highway Bakersfield

IG: prodonuts_661