The streets of Bakersfield displayed through vibrant works of art, the Bakersfield Sound memorialized through costumes and song, and paintings expressing emotion and the human spirit are just a few elements visitors will experience at the Bakersfield Museum of Art’s latest showcases.

Artists such as Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, Merle Haggard and the Strangers, along with Wynn Stuart, Jean Shephard, Tommy Collins, Susan Raye, Joe Maphis, and Freddie Hart, are all responsible for turning our Bakersfield into what is now known as Nashville West.

Diversity of styles and expression of terroir are strong factors in the worldwide surge of Sauvignon Blanc. While releases from California are abundant, countries like New Zealand, Italy, South Africa and Chile have expanded plantings and production of the once obscure grape.

This issue highlights all that Kern County has to offer, from its parks and recreational areas to the film industry of Hollywood using it as a backdrop for more recent films and TV shows.

Macaroni and potato salad dishes tend to be favored for such occasions, but you can never go wrong with a colorful pasta salad.

Here’s one that is simple and delicious to take to any summer gathering - feel free to adjust the mix-ins according to your taste or what’s in your fridge.

There is no question that California is an extraordinary state geographically. From the Lost Coast and the San Francisco Bay to the peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the High Desert, the Golden State is breathtaking and offers unparalleled adventures at every elevation. Tucked in there along the Central Coast’s Estero Bay is Cayucos, which has been enticing valley residents out of the summer’s unbearable heat with its cool winds and waters for generations.

If you’ve driven to the central coast of California and passed through Lost Hills in the last couple years, you might have noticed a newer addition just off the highway called The Lavender Garden.

The Mayor’s Ball will return, post-pandemic, Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021, in Bakersfield, again honoring Mayor Karen Goh and benefitting CityServe, a local nonprofit organization helping needy families in some sort of crisis and transition.

What if the very thing you view as being the problem in your life is not the real problem? What if your perception is actually the problem? After all, happiness is something we choose.

Luckily, for those who live in Kern County, there is no shortage of recreational activities, from hiking or walking the trails of state and national parks to the slower pace, fishing in one of the streams or rivers or rafting.

When moviegoers watch films in theaters, most think of New York City and Los Angeles as the entertainment capitals where their favorite movies take place. And they would be correct. However, Kern County is quickly becoming another hub when it comes to production for their favorite films and …

Local musician and pastor Jim Ranger is no stranger to reality TV, after auditioning and appearing on “American Idol” multiple times. However, it wasn’t necessarily part of the plan to try out for NBC’s hit singing competition “The Voice” and ultimately to find himself on Team Blake.

In the beginning stages of planning for the First Annual Art at the Outlets at Tejon event, the question “how can we mix fashion and art?” was asked.

"Superstore" (Hulu): "Superstore" is a sitcom about a group of strained and mistreated employees working at a multinational retail corporation called "Cloud 9." The sitcom is not just another workplace comedy, however. It's brilliant and practical. Stars such as America Ferrera, Ben Feldman,…

Since 2003, high-achieving high school seniors selected to participate in the Jim Burke Education Foundation’s Dream Builders program, and its year-long sister leadership group Ford Dimension, have been churning out creative and impactful service projects. The Dream Builders' motto is "helpi…

Moving season is right around the corner, and for many people, moving is an experience you only want to do once! However, many helpful tips can make your move a lot more enjoyable. The most important tip is to create a checklist and have a folder on hand. The checklist is to make sure you do…

As the COVID-19 pandemic comes to its natural conclusion, many of us are left with the overwhelming realization that life is precious and have a deep sense of gratitude to those who helped us weather the storm.

Over the years, the traditional definition of a family has changed from a mother, father and children to include stepparents, stepchildren and foster and adopted children.

California finally opens up this month, just in time for summer, and I don't know about you, but our household is very excited, especially our teens. I think our family is more excited about this summer than any other because, like most things, we didn't know what we had until it was gone.

Feeling a craving for something sweet this summer? When you walk into Aunt Mae's Sweet Tooth downtown, it's like walking into a literal candy shop. Every turn you take is a new sweet you want to try. Featured on their menu is a bacon toffee that includes small bits of applewood bacon, Aunt M…

If there’s a joint that dazzles its customers, it's Wiki’s Wine Dive & Grill. Known for being one of Bakersfield’s best happy hour and brunch spots, Wiki’s has continued to elevate its menu and business to attract more customers.