Musicians from across the nation took part in various jam sessions and musical instructional and lecture courses in Bakersfield, mostly at the Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center.

The 33rd annual Fog Run, put on by the Probation Auxiliary County of Kern and the Kern County Probation Department on Jan. 7 at Lake Ming, benefited educational scholarships and its Helping Hands program.

Saints Health Bar, which has a rare concept of alcohol available with health-conscious food as well as meal prep options, opened in Bakersfield in November 2021.

The Sta. Rita Hills AVA, in north Santa Barbara County, is one of California’s most diverse appellations with some of the harshest climates. Although the heavy winds and rugged terrain present challenges, the best results are born when the terroir is embraced by a winemaker who, through tria…

As part of my ongoing reinvention as a guy who has vaguely informed opinions about popular television — you might call it a New Year's resolution, except that I don't recall any moment at which I made a conscious decision to travel down this path — I present to you this month a pair of 2022 …

Food endlessly captivates us all, and songwriters may be even more susceptible to the allure of food than the population at large, if the wealth of metaphors they deploy is any indication.

If Bakersfield is your hometown, you were born and raised here, your family lives here, or you are a transplant who has been here for a while, you can't help but feel a sense of protectiveness for this city.

Mom Dog, aka A137595, had several litters before being dropped off.

It's always thrilling to find that even after a beloved restaurant departs that another wonderful option can spring up in its place. 

It’s all about timing for the third installation of Bakersfield Fit Fest, and the timing is just right for the first Saturday of February.

After chronicling many of the struggles in the restaurant world the previous year, dining columnist Pete Tittl took the opportunity to explore the local dining scene in 2022.

It's rare that a restaurant would warrant two reviews in one year but Bread & Honey proved irresistible to Pete Tittl, who named it the "best-kept dinner secret in town."

Barbecue lovers are willing to go the extra mile for some good food. That was definitely the case with G's Smoked Texas BBQ, which got its start 6 miles outside of town at the intersection of Highways 58 and 43 inside a Chevron station.

When it comes to the local pizza scene, it pays to stand out. For Pizz-a-Perfection, that angle is specializing in Indian-style pizzas.

Northeast Bakersfield seems to struggle to attract and sustain new restaurants, so it was a great day when Kipsy Cafe opened on Auburn Road.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Buck Owens' Crystal Palace was one of Bakersfield’s best tourist attractions. And after reopening, it has become a really hot ticket, Pete Tittl noted after his visit in September.

Mikado is all about great food and a wonderful social experience, Pete Tittl noted after visiting the restaurant that moved into the space occupied for decades by Akira.

The Petroleum Club of Bakersfield located at the old Sundale Country Club spot could be the best restaurant that almost no one knows about, Tittl noted after his visit in July.

Women and children had a fun time participating in the Babka Bake at Chabad of Bakersfield Jewish Community Center during the afternoon of Jan. 15.

When a publisher sends a book that's about one of your favorite topics — horror movies — how can you not bump it up to the top of the to-be-read list?

I’ve been there — 2 a.m., dull scissors in hand, chopping away at an impulse DIY hairstyle over the bathroom sink.