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The middle class is shrinking, are you still part of it? A new tool from Pew Research Center lets you determine your income level — lower, middle, upper — with an online calculator that compares your economic well-being to others nationwide and locally.

Nationwide, the breakdown of income levels looks like this:

  • 52 percent middle class
  • 29 percent lower class
  • 19 percent upper class

In the Bakersfield area, the picture is a bit different, with nearly as many people in the lower class as the middle class:

  • 46 percent middle class
  • 42 percent lower class
  • 12 percent upper class

The study used various factors to determine economic level, including household size and income, and cost of living in the area. Generally, however, the report says middle-income household in America are those with income ranging from $45,000 to $135,000. 

Where do you stand? 

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