According to a recent statement by Donald Trump, President Obama and Hilary Clinton are the founders of ISIS. A prognosis of insanity, or at least serious mental instabilities, can be based on a loss of contact with reality. Has Trump, on the basis of this statement, and many others that are equally irrational, crossed over into another world?

Of course it could be argued that it's the policies of the administration that led to the rise of ISIS. But if you’re going to play the blame game, then you must go back further and point fingers at the George W. Bush administration and the unfortunate invasion of Iraq.

But why stop there? George H. W. Bush attacked Iraq earlier for their invasion of Kuwait, and stated it wasn't about the oil. Yeah, sure. Mixed into this mess was the creation of the state of Israel. But, going back further, in 1916 we have the Sykes/Picot agreement that carved up the Middle East in somewhat straight lines without any Arab input. This was to divide it into French and English spheres of influence.

Along with this came the world's lust for oil, and the oil companies, like BP, Gulf, Chevron, Exxon (their modern names), and others, started buying oil leases from the Arab leaders. So, what we have today is the legacy of over 100 years of western countries exploiting and interfering with the lives of the people living in the Middle East. The chickens do come home to roost.


David M. Keranen



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