It was only natural that the new Comprehensive Women’s Health Center, at Old River Road and Stockdale Highway, took nine months to build.

“It was like a pregnancy, so we kept everyone apprised,” said Peg Board, director of operations at the San Dimas Medical Group, Inc. women’s center.

The new center provides expanded space and services for women of Bakersfield and Kern County — pregnant or not.

New beginning

Plans to build a new San Dimas women’s center came after 2005 after a switch from paper to electronic medical records was implemented and impacted the overall operations of the office that was housed in Mercy Southwest.

The new center opened earlier this year, in May, and has continued to expand since.

“We felt it would be better to build from the ground up,” Board said. “And when we embarked on that process, we realized that we wanted to expand our services and ensure that we were meeting the healthcare needs of women in Kern County.”

Slew of services

The new center has allowed the group to offer more in-office procedures and avoid patients to a hospital or an outpatient center. And it offers consultant services for high-risk pregnant women who require the expert opinion of a perinatologist.

Among services, the center offers Ultrasound services, including 4D Ultrasound; ablation therapy, a procedure for heavy bleeding and an alternative to a hysterectomy; and Essure, a procedure for permanent sterilization done under local anesthesia and hysteroscopy services.

Obstetrical patients with morning sickenss can also rehydrate in the office, or receive an IV on the spot, instead of visiting an emergency room.

Jackie Moreno, patient and former employee, enjoys the convenience of the new center.

“It’s nice to have a number of options to choose from between the doctors and nurse practitioners,” Moreno said, “especially during pregnancy when you’re going in so often.”

The center is not like your typical doctor’s office, Board said.

“It is time that Bakersfield has something like this.”

One-stop center

The center also features a gift shop and cafe that serves sandwiches and salads from The Garden Spot. Patients at the previous center would have to walk to the hospital cafeteria for a snack.

A pharmacy is also expected to open at the center in the coming months, making it a true one-stop shop for women.

This year, San Dimas Medical Group celebrated its 40th anniversary, which included an open house of the new center recently.

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