On average, there is one DUI related death or homicide in the U.S. every 52 minutes, according to Kern County Deputy District Attorney David Wolf. That means every hour there is at least one person getting killed by a drunk driver.

“It’s outrageous,” Wolf told simulcast hosts on Thursday’s “First Look with Scott Cox.” The attorney appeared alongside Chain, Cohn, Stiles attorney Matt Clark. The two, who are both on the planning committee for the Kern County chapter of Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, talked about how driving under the influence has affected local drivers.

Clark said that although Kern County’s statistics are lower than the national average, there has already been 312 DUI collisions, 422 injuries and 14 deaths related to DUIs during this year alone.

“These are all completely, 100 percent preventable accidents,” he said. “They don’t have to happen.”

And that’s just what the two are working towards.

Alongside MADD, both attorneys have been involved in planning events to raise awareness for these crimes, most recently with the organization’s upcoming “Walk Like MADD” 5k at Riverwalk Park.



“We're raising money that we can keep here locally for MADD and the advocacy work they do in this area,” said Clark. He said that last year’s event brought unbelievable success to the organization, earning $50,000 with over 700 participants signed up.

“This is something...we can all get behind and that’s doing something to stop this epidemic of drinking and driving in Kern County.”

The Second Annual “Walk Like MADD” 5k will be held Saturday, Sept. 19 at Riverwalk Park on Stockdale Highway. The race kicks off at 8 a.m. Adult registration is $25 and includes admission and a t-shirt. For more information, visit: Walklikemadd.org.


"Walk Like MADD" 5k Part 1:



"Walk Like MADD" 5k Part 2:



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