The Kern County deputy who shot and killed a Wasco man Monday morning has been identified as Senior Deputy Robert Reed.

The incident occurred after receiving a 6:40 a.m. call about a suspect at his residence in the 1100 block of E Street in Wasco, who was threatening to kill himself and was in possession of a knife.

Deputies were familiar with the man, whose name has not been released, and had previously contacted him on reports when he'd threatened to harm himself.

The man had warrants out for his arrest for assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse.

When Reed arrived, he parked behind the suspect's vehicle because on previous calls the suspect had driven away before law enforcement arrived. He then left his car and walked to the front door when he heard screaming coming from inside.

Reed forced the door open and saw the suspect sitting on a couch in the living room armed with a knife. A woman was sitting next to him and three children were also inside the home.

Several other deputies arrived and, as Reed talked to the man, it appeared the man began cutting himself.

When a second deputy entered the home through the back door and tried using a Taser on the suspect, it was ineffective.

The suspect then stood up and charged Reed who was standing just outside the front door. He fired two rounds from his handgun, striking the suspect.

Deputies performed CPR on the man until an ambulance arrived. He was pronounced dead at Delano Regional Medical Center.

Reed has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation and review into the shooting incident.

During the incident, a juvenile inside the home sustained a minor abrasion.

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