BitDATA and DDAM Jointly Display Chinese Business Card on the Large Screen of Times Square

NEW YORK - November 18, 2019 - ( )

​Digital broker leading enterprise BitDATA and its acquainted strategic partner DDAM displayed on Thomson Reuters' big screen in Times Square on Nov. 13, 2019. This is the first time these two parties showed up in public since the formation of their strategic partnership. Times Square is known as the "crossroads of the world". It's one of the most popular attractions visited by tourists from all over the world. It has attracted great attention from the public ever since its establishment. The top brands worldwide gathering here make it a representative landmark. For BitDATA and DDAM, this displaying represents the corporate image of Chinese enterprises and demonstrates the innovation of the blockchain to the world.

As a global digital (crypto) asset securities company, BitDATA provides customers with comprehensive professional services. The business sector consists of four parts:[1] Brokerage business (opening accounts, wallet, coin/fiat recharge, train, market and information, transaction, assets management, etc.); [2] Investment banking (financing, merchandiser, incubation, issuance, listing, underwriting, market-making, etc.); [3] Research business (ratings, research papers, strategy, weekly research, exchange/project rankings, etc.); [4] One-stop crypto assets aggregate trading platform, combining data and tools to help investors find investment opportunities and seize them. It is comparable to the East-Money in Digital Assets ( + + Securities Dealers).

DDAM is a decentralized data asset management architecture that is flexible, secure, and stable enough to help all data producers and managers to play the value of data. Not all data constitute data assets. Data assets are data resources that can generate value for data owners, and only scientific and effective data asset management can help data owners constitute data assets.

The show up of BitDATA and DDAM has consolidated itself as well as their high-viscosity communities. The fact that cooperation between the two is motivated by bilateral benefit and common development marks a distinguishable beginning for BitDATA in 2020.

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