Could you have toxic stress? Test yourself

The ACE Score can range from "0," meaning no exposure to the 10 categories of child abuse and trauma investigated by the Study, to "10," meaning exposure to all 10 categories. The study found the higher the ACE Score, the greater the risk of experiencing poor physical and mental health, and negative social consequences later in life.

A score of four or higher is generally the tipping point for whether someone suffers from toxic stress.

If any of the questions made you feel uncomfortable, or caused you distress, please contact your licensed healthcare provider for help. If you do not currently have a healthcare provider, call 411 or contact your local children's hospital or children's advocacy center for information on local resources.

NOTE: Sometimes people take exception to the phrasing of questions 3, 6, and 7, arguing that sexual assault by anyone of any age is traumatic, that the death of a parent should be included, and that both males and females can be victims of domestic violence. If, when taking the survey, you prefer to modify the questions to allow for these factors, feel free to do so.

Finding Your ACE Score

While you were growing up, during your first 18 years of life: