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Chicago State may be 3-15 overall, 0-3 in Western Athletic Conference play and adjusting to its first season under head coach Lance Irvin, but you wouldn’t really be able to tell all that based on Cal State Bakersfield head coach Rod Barnes’ comments about the squad.

Sunday night is a total lunar eclipse! The lunar eclipse officially begins around 6:36 p.m. when the moon enters Earth’s penumbra (partial shadow). Although the moon will be less bright during that time, you probably won’t notice it because your eyes will have enough time to adjust to the sl…

With so many of us sniffling or giving the side-eye to those who are, it seems like a good time to seek out some vitamin C. Oranges are in season and Bakersfield College is offering a sweet deal next week on snagging some fresh citrus.

We’re really getting to a good place in Bakersfield dining when we have so many successful, locally owned places that are cloning themselves. I realize this goes back decades when Mexicali expanded all over town, but today’s entrepreneurs are tasting enough success that they’re opening secon…

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