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David Mueller has directed a new film with a familiar title—Oildale. But it's not a comedy. It's a heartfelt, serious drama about families, new and old, traditional and nontraditional. Tune in Wednesday at noon when David will be a guest on "One on One" with Robert Price. Be sure to also look back at the previous shows.

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Editor's note: Cop Tales are true stories as told by law enforcement officers from all over the country. The stories are told in the first person.

Top of the morning to you this St Patrick’s Day! We’re just three days from the official start of spring, the March equinox. On that day, the sun crosses over from being south of the celestial equator (projection of Earth’s equator onto the sky) to be north of the celestial equator. This wil…

Real estate developer David Moon knew a lot about building student housing, having developed off-campus dormitory projects next to California State University campuses in Monterey Bay, Sacramento and Stanislaus. But Bakersfield was new to him.

Before, during and after the Western Athletic Conference Tournament, Cal State Bakersfield men’s basketball coach Rod Barnes made it clear that his team would not settle for just being there. Anything except for a championship and an NCAA Tournament bid was a failure.

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