First Look with Scott Cox

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    'First Look': Ward 3 candidate Heidi Carter Escudero talks vision for east Bakersfield

    Wednesday, Oct 22 2014 02:21 PM

    Do you know who your City Council representative is? Although the question is simple, many people do not know who represents their ward and are left in the dark about issues in their neighborhood. You should know who your Bakersfield City...

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    'First Look': Bakersfield Heart Hospital celebrates 15 years

    Wednesday, Oct 22 2014 11:35 AM

    The Bakersfield Heart Hospital is more than a heart hospital. "That's what we do best but we have a full-service ER," Michelle Oxford of the hospital said Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox." The hospital celebrated its 15th year...

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    'First Look': First News for Oct. 22

    Wednesday, Oct 22 2014 07:18 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: COUNCIL TO CONSIDER MAMMOTH BELTWAY PROJECT: Nine years after former Congressman Bill Thomas secured $630 million in federal earmarks for area roads, the Bakersfield City...

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    'First Look': Legendary guitarist Pete Anderson at Crystal Palace for free concert

    Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 12:14 PM

    When Pete Anderson picked up his first guitar at a young age, it never crossed his mind that he would one day make money from strumming his guitar. "I was attracted to the instrument from the start," Anderson said via phone Tuesday on...

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    'First Look': CraSh Lounge brings upscale vibe downtown

    Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 11:57 AM

    CraSh Lounge is a new upscale cosmopolitan bar/restaurant that Shawna Haddad-Byers had envisioned for a while, and on Wednesday her vision is becoming a reality. The lounge opens at noon, next door to Mama Roomba. "It's a place to unwind...

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    'First Look': Marty Stuart calls into studio, makes Scott Cox's day

    Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 11:24 AM

    "First Look with Scott Cox" simulcast host Scott Cox is a super fan of Marty Stuart and on Tuesday he embraced the opportunity to talk country music with his hero. "I'm obsessed with your music," were Cox's first words to Stuart via phone...

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    'First Look': Business expo 'major networking opportunity'

    Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 11:17 AM

    If you're looking at starting your own business and need ideas about where to begin, don't miss the Greater Bakersfield Chamber Business Expo on Thursday. More than 140 vendors will be at the event. You can find anything from office...

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    'First Look': First News for Oct. 21

    Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 06:55 AM

    Lead the stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: DA FILES CHARGES AGAINST 2 DEPUTIES: Misdemeanor charges were filed Monday by the Kern County District Attorney's office against two sheriff's deputies in connection with a...

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    'First Look': Ward 7 candidate Chris Parlier advocates neighborhood unity

    Monday, Oct 20 2014 11:41 AM

    Chris Parlier said he believes in neighborhood watch programs and neighbors knowing neighbors. Those are simple programs that can help reduce crime in Bakersfield. Parlier is specifically concerned with Ward 7, south Bakersfield. He is...

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    'First Look': Ward 7 candidate Harmeet Dhindsa talks about neighborhood watch

    Monday, Oct 20 2014 11:20 AM

    Harmeet Dhindsa said he knows his Ward 7 community. He has lived in the area for 27 years and just like there are great assets, there is also room for improvement. Dhindsa is one of three candidates running for the Bakersfield City...

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    'First Look': Ward 7 candidate Matthew Braman discusses plan

    Monday, Oct 20 2014 11:08 AM

    City council races are foot races. That is the advice Matthew Braman received before he took on the journey of campaigning for the Bakersfield City Council Ward 7 seat. Braman is in the Nov. 4 race with two other candidates seeking the...

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    'First Look': First News for Oct. 20

    Monday, Oct 20 2014 07:09 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: DROPPING OIL PRICES: GOOD FOR CONSUMER. POTENTIALLY CRIPPLING FOR KERN: The plummeting oil prices bringing relief at fuel pumps around the country could soon have the opposite...

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    'First Look': Ward 1 council candidate Manuel Ramirez discusses plans

    Friday, Oct 17 2014 11:39 AM

    Manuel Ramirez is 21 years old and said running for the Ward 1 Bakersfield City Council seat was a calling. Friday on "First Look with Scott Cox," Ramirez talked about his plans if elected. Ramirez is challenging incumbent Willie Rivera...

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