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    'First Look': Private school questions to be answered at KidsFest

    Thursday, Jul 17 2014 10:48 AM

    The benefit of private schools is the one-on-one attention given to each student. That is what Emilee Hulbert from Heritage Christian Schools said Thursday on "First Look with Scott Cox." Hulbert and staff will have a booth at the...

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    'First Look': First News for July 17

    Thursday, Jul 17 2014 07:04 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: OUTLETS AT TEJON PREPARES FOR A BIG OPENING: If it seems like there's a lot of work to be done in the three weeks before the Outlets at Tejon opens to the public, be patient: It...

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    'First Look': Columnist Lois Henry shares frustration about withheld public info

    Wednesday, Jul 16 2014 12:48 PM

    The United States Constitution applies to Kern County. Plain and simple. That is what Californian columnist Lois Henry said Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox." When someone is given a citation -- like those issued to residents for...

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    'First Look': Alpha Canine Sanctuary director to jump from plane to raise funds

    Wednesday, Jul 16 2014 12:13 PM

    When Marilyn Stewart turned 75 years old a couple of months ago, the idea of jumping out of an airplane -- with a parachute, of course -- sounded fascinating. On Sunday, Stewart will fall 12,000 feet from the sky with Skydive Taft in an...

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    'First Look': First News for July 16

    Wednesday, Jul 16 2014 07:23 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: NEW CITY TRAFFIC CENTER HELPS CARS FLOW: Part CSI, part sky scrubber, the city of Bakersfield's new Traffic Operations Center aims to improve the region's bad air quality by...

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    'First Look': Local trainer talks cycling voyage taken across the country

    Tuesday, Jul 15 2014 02:20 PM

    Danny Kaulkola cycled 4,406 miles across the United States in 23 days. He burned close to 10,000 calories a day and lost 20 pounds. "I realized I was capable of more," Kaulkola said Tuesday on "First Look with Scott Cox." "It's amazing...

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    'First Look': First 5 Kern executive director talks about KidsFest

    Tuesday, Jul 15 2014 11:40 AM

    First 5 Kern Executive Director Roland Maier is an advocate for kids and said he is happy to support this Saturday's KidsFest. KidsFest is a fun-filled day for parents and kids to learn about ways to keep healthy. There will be games,...

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    'First Look': In God We Trust America motto celebrates 58th anniversary

    Tuesday, Jul 15 2014 11:07 AM

    In God We Trust America Inc. is celebrating the 58th anniversary's of the nation's motto with an annual fundraiser that promises a night of fun entertainment. Tuesday on "First Look with Scott Cox," Councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan, who is...

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    'First Look': First News for July 15

    Tuesday, Jul 15 2014 07:10 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: GET BUS STRIKE SET FOR 12:01 A.M. TUESDAY: With no breakthrough in sight Monday, a six-month-old labor dispute pushed Bakersfield to the brink of its first bus strike in 34...

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    'First Look:' Oh, the letters that come in!

    Monday, Jul 14 2014 10:59 AM

    Water. Fireworks. Immigration. The breakdown of families. These are just a few of the topics Californian associate editorial page editor Mark Powell reads about in letters to the editor. And not surprisingly, not every letter makes the...

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    'First Look:" Have fun -- and get your teeth checked -- at KidsFest

    Monday, Jul 14 2014 09:00 AM

    This Saturday, you can have a ton of fun -- and get your teeth checked out, too. Orthodontist Jared Gianquinto of OrthoArts said he is looking forward to KidsFest, a day that, as its name suggests, focuses on kids but includes adults, too...

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    'First Look': First News for July 14

    Monday, Jul 14 2014 07:24 AM

    Top stories from "First Look with Scott Cox:" SHERIFF TO CONTINUE IMMIGRATION HOLDS FOR SERIOUS CRIMINALS: Kern County may have a legal target on its back over the increasingly rare way it handles serious criminals or criminal suspects...

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    'First Look': Carry the City of Bakersfield in your pocket with Facebook, Twitter pages

    Friday, Jul 11 2014 11:03 AM

    The mobile device you carry in your pocket is probably swiped, unlocked and used several times throughout the day. It's become a habit to check email, weather, sports news or traffic reports constantly. Now the City of Bakersfield has...

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