First Look with Scott Cox

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'First Look': Beat Scott's Picks

Friday, Sep 20 2013 11:17 AM

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Californian Digital Content Editor Christine Peterson joins Scott Cox and callers to "First Look with Scott Cox" for Beat Scott's Picks for this weekend's football games.

Join us for this week's edition of Beat Scott's Picks.

"First Look with Scott Cox" simulcast host Scott Cox sat out this week's selections. He planned to have his grandson, Oliver, on the show to see which football teams he'd guess would win.

But Oliver wasn't feeling well, so Californian Digital Content Editor Christine Peterson — who admits to knowing next to nothing about football — sat in instead.


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  1. First Look with Scott Cox

    Hop came to work not feeling well. Over the next four hours, there were small moments when you could almost tell how if affected him.

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  2. First Look with Scott Cox

    If Scott could build a Robot, why, and what would he have it do?

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    Welcome to Monday!!! The good folks from the National Street Rod Association will be in to talk cars with Scott... and Californian editor, Bob Price will be in for his weekly segment as well. Plus news, traffic, weather, and stocks all morning long!!!

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  4. First Look with Scott Cox

    In this interview we look at Bakersfield College's new performing arts center.

    April 17 at 05:33PM
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