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'First Look': Scott Cox spreads Christmas magic

Wednesday, Oct 02 2013 02:21 PM

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Scott Cox talks about putting Christmas lights on homes as a surprise for families on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Christmas is only two months away and simulcast host Scott Cox is already in a festive mode.

For about the past six years, Cox and his friends have decorated houses around town with Christmas lights. The tradition started when Cox found a military family whose father had been deployed to Iraq before the holidays.

"Those 3-year-old and 8-year-old kids needed to have some Christmas magic so we found out where they lived and put lights on their house," Cox said Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

Although they normally decorate houses with recycled Christmas lights, this year Cox found an electric business that will donate LED lights.

These LED Christmas lights will be plugged into one outlet and they don't require as much electricity, Cox said.

"So if you know a family with kids that is having a hard time this year, send me an email and it will be completely anonymous," Cox said.

Cox asked that anyone nominating a family be available to tell Cox and his crew when to put up the lights.

Contact Cox through email at: or find him on Facebook at:



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