First Look with Scott Cox

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'First Look': What? No coffee for Scott Cox?

Friday, Nov 08 2013 11:25 AM

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"First Look with Scott Cox" host Scott Cox just can't seem to handle not having his favorite coffee.

"First Look with Scott Cox" host Scott Cox nearly had a breakdown Friday when he ran out of his favorite coffee.

First some coffee was delivered for him — but not to the right place. All was well with the world when he finally received his coffee.



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  1. First Look with Scott Cox

    Evidently he didn't put his food in the tree...

    Saturday at 09:46AM
  2. First Look with Scott Cox

    On Friday’s “First Look with Scott Cox,” Salty’s BBQ owner Jeff Salters appeared with Bakersfield Life Magazine to accept the certificate for best “Best Barbecue in Bakersfield.” The award is chosen and voted on by local readers. Salter’s remained tight-lipped upon acceptance about any “secret” recipe there might be that makes his meat so addictive. But he did share the secret to his success. Take a listen.

    Friday at 04:11PM
  3. First Look with Scott Cox

    Hop could use this

    Friday at 04:02PM
  4. First Look with Scott Cox

    It’s happened again. During this morning’s “Pet of the Week” a cat got loose in the studio. Check out how producers and staff reeled the grey tabby back in, with the little help of their cell phones.

    Friday at 11:49AM
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