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    'First Look': Democrat Renteria gives her take on water bond, talks about campaign

    Tuesday, Sep 02 2014 02:41 PM

    Amanda Renteria said she has been busy forming relationships and having conversations with residents in the valley during her campaign for the 21st Congressional District seat.

    Tuesday on "First Look with Scott Cox," the Democrat talked about water, jobs and education -- issues she said are priorities for San Joaquin Valley residents.

    Last week, Renteria announced her support for the California water bond that will appear on the November ballot. Last month, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation for a $7.5 million water bond that provides water use efficiency and recycling, groundwater cleanup and management and $2.7 million for additional water storage.

    "This bond will truly make a difference now and in the future," Renteria said....

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    'First Look': Latination sponsor talks about display

    Tuesday, Sep 02 2014 02:01 PM

    When Bruce Jay was looking at decorating Valley Republic Bank last year, he wanted to display local art. And the bank president and CEO got just that, with mutliple Latination pieces that came to life on the walls of the bank. This year...

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    'First Look': Safe School Plans provide direction in emergencies

    Tuesday, Sep 02 2014 12:27 PM

    If a shooting happens at school, do students and teachers know what to do? If an earthquake rolls in the middle of class, do students and teachers know where they are supposed to go? Real live questions like these are what Justin Roberts...

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    'First Look': Taste of Bakersfield brings downtown restaurants together

    Tuesday, Sep 02 2014 12:24 PM

    The Bakersfield Downtown Business Association is bringing 15 downtown restaurants together under one roof to showcase their finest cuisine. Participating restaurants include Castaway Mill Creek Deli, Sandrin's, Jerry's Pizza, Narducci's...

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    'First Look': First News for Sept. 2

    Tuesday, Sep 02 2014 07:17 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: MOTORCYCLIST CRASHES, DIES MONDAY MORNING: A Bakersfield man fell to his death from a freeway overpass Monday morning after taking an offramp at high speed and slamming into a...

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    'First Look': Doctor discusses potential perils of pain medication

    Friday, Aug 29 2014 11:41 AM

    The United States makes up 5 percent of the world's population. The US also uses 58 percent of the world's pain medication. That is what Dr. Vip Dev said Friday on "First Look with Scott Cox." Dev talked about the rise in prescription...

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    'First Look': September 'Bakersfield Life' features inspiring women

    Friday, Aug 29 2014 11:31 AM

    Norma Rojas-Mora never imagined appearing on the cover of "Bakersfield Life" magazine. "It was a huge surprise and the phone calls about the magazine have not stopped coming," she said Friday on "First Look with Scott Cox." Rojas-Mora is...

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    'First Look': Love at first sight -- German shepherd featured on Pet of the Week

    Friday, Aug 29 2014 11:25 AM

    Malcolm is one of those dogs that you fall in love with at first sight. His dark mahogany and tan fur with a black mask and black ears give him a mesmerizing look you can't ignore. The Belgium German Shepherd is 5 months old and is ready...

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    'First Look': First News for Aug. 29

    Friday, Aug 29 2014 06:36 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: POLICE: JUNIOR HIGH VICE PRINCIPAL WITH GUN BROKE NO LAW: A junior high vice principal arrested and jailed for hours after bringing a gun to school in a backpack Thursday...

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    'First Look': Bacon overload coming to Bakersfield

    Thursday, Aug 28 2014 12:34 PM

    The saying "everything tastes better with bacon" is probably an understatement. Bakersfield will be on bacon overload two months in a row as the Bakersfield Bacon Fest and the Bakersfield Bacon and Craft Beer Festival hit the town later...

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    'First Look': Coaches, athletes provide insider look at football plans

    Thursday, Aug 28 2014 12:29 PM

    The stadium lights, the clean uniforms, the smell of grass and the roar of the crowd. High school football fever is back! Thursday on 'First Look with Scott Cox," Ridgeview, Bakersfield and Frontier high school football athletes and...

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    'First Look': Valadao talks drought, political race

    Thursday, Aug 28 2014 11:18 AM

    Farmers in California are struggling. Farm wells are going dry and in an attempt to get more water, wells are being drilled further into the ground. 21st Congressional District Rep. David Valadao, R-Hanford, knows the desperation farmers...

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    'First Look': First News for Aug. 28

    Thursday, Aug 28 2014 07:30 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: MARK POWELL: SHERIFF IS TAKING FANTASY HOAX SERIOUSLY, JUST IN CASE: "The Purge" is coming to Oildale, and even though anyone in his right mind would recognize it for the absurd...

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