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    'First Look': Latest 'foot' plastic surgery trend in Hollywood hasn't hit Bakersfield, yet

    Friday, Jan 30 2015 11:02 AM

    The latest plastic surgery trend in Hollywood has to do with women's feet. When shoe designer's create pointier shoes with an added narrow bonus, many regular feet can never fit into those styles.

    But some plastic surgeons are literally shaving down feet bones and making them more narrow, simulcast host Scott Cox said Friday on "First Look with Scott Cox."

    Thankfully that trend hasn't hit Bakersfield. Plastic surgeon Dr. Vip Dev said he hasn't encountered a patient with that request but said he has heard of that procedure being done in many places.

    "Shaving down bones just for a shoe is not necessary," Dev said.

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    'First Look': February issue of "Bakersfield Life" all about love for pets and finding love

    Friday, Jan 30 2015 10:51 AM

    The pets and love February issue of the "Bakersfield Life" magazine has everything you need to feel super bubbly and happy all in one. From learning about pet owners and the importance of those critters in their lives to dog trainers...

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    'First Look': Shy but loving long haired doxie featured as 'Pet of the Week'

    Friday, Jan 30 2015 10:26 AM

    At first glance Emmy looks like Lady from "Lady and the Tramp." She has the adorable long ears and noticeable golden brown coat. "She's totally adorable," said Julie Johnson, executive director of the Bakersfield Animal Care Center,...

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    'First Look': First News for Jan. 30

    Friday, Jan 30 2015 06:35 AM

    Lead stories from 'First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: OFFICERS CONDUCT MORE THAN 70 CHECKS ON SEX OFFENDERS: More than 70 Kern County sex offenders were surprised with compliance checks Jan. 23 by probation officers, resulting in...

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    'First Look': Fun family activities happening this weekend in Bakersfield

    Thursday, Jan 29 2015 02:19 PM

    Thursday on "First Look with Scott Cox," Stefani Dias, assistant lifestyles editor, talked about the array of entertainment happening this weekend. If you're a fan of hiking and being outdoors, Wind Wolves Preserve is hosting an Outdoor...

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    'First Look': Census gets 'snapshot of what the homeless population looks like'

    Thursday, Jan 29 2015 12:41 PM

    Developing a plan to end homelessness in Kern County has been the force and drive behind the Kern County Homeless Collaborative. Although the final numbers for the 2015 Point-in-Time County Count census has not been analyzed, the hope is...

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    'First Look': 'Runners hot on the court, Tyonna and coach talk about season

    Thursday, Jan 29 2015 11:14 AM

    Women's basketball teams in the Western Athletic Conference may have great players but they don't have Tyonna Outland. Outland, Cal State Bakersfield senior guard, became CSUB's all-time career scoring record-holder last week. The...

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    'First Look': First News for Jan. 29

    Thursday, Jan 29 2015 07:30 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: STATE APPROVES LONG-PLANNED OFFICE PARK AT CSUB: California State University trustees on Wednesday green-lighted the design and construction of the first phase of a long-awaited...

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    'First Look': Greg Kerr the new voice behind 1230 AM ESPN Sports

    Wednesday, Jan 28 2015 02:56 PM

    For Greg Kerr sports has been something he's always had an interest for specifically high school sports. "They play for the passion of the sport," Kerr said Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox." Kerr has been a sports anchor for many...

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    'First Look': Councilman Maxwell talks 24th Street widening project

    Wednesday, Jan 28 2015 02:28 PM

    Downtown Councilman Terry Maxwell was the only council member to vote against the 24th Street widening project last year but he will be representing Ward 2 at the Feb. 4 meeting to look over the new design of the project. "If they are...

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    'First Look': BPD chief discusses change in law enforcement as a result of Prop 47

    Wednesday, Jan 28 2015 11:40 AM

    The direction of law enforcement is changing and if you ask Bakersfield Police Chief Greg Williamson how his department is dealing with it, he will tell you it's a tough change. When California voters passed Proposition 47 -- a law that...

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    'First Look': First News for Jan. 28

    Wednesday, Jan 28 2015 07:19 AM

    Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories: SUSPECTS ROB 'CASH FOR GOLD' BUSINESS: Two men robbed a "cash for gold" business Tuesday afternoon, pistol whipping an employee and prompting a lockdown at a nearby elementary...

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    'First Look': Richard Beene shares Uber experience

    Tuesday, Jan 27 2015 01:41 PM

    So you've had one too many drinks and you want to get home safely. Instead of calling a taxi now you have a different option. Uber is an app-based transportation network that connects riders to drivers in a fast and easy way. And Uber is...

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