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    STEVE MERLO: Taking TNT to task for its portrayal of pro bass anglers

    TNT Network's writers for a recent episode of the popular TV program "Rizzoli and Isles" need to be taken to task for the outright and untrue accusations the storyline made about professional bass fishing. Titled "Bassholes" (which is bad enough), the one-hour police/action

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    STEVE MERLO: Father's Day: Special time for thanks, remembrance

    My siblings and I owe my Dad a lot. His fatherly advice and no-nonsense approach to raising his children actually had quite a life's bearing on all of us during our formative years. I happen to think he and mom didn't do a bad job raising my twin sisters, brother and me, and I am always

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    STEVE MERLO: Take care of insects with pump-action salt gun

    I normally do not advise readers about quality products in the hunting world, knowing that every person out there has certain likes and dislikes. They'll eventually find the shotgun or rifle that fits them. Every once in a while, though, I discover something that's worth mentioning. After a

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    STEVE MERLO: Here's a tall hunting tale, as in 9 feet tall, and hairy

    I recently experienced an unnerving, truthful event while calling predators up in the Greenhorn Area. Very similar to what you are about to read. I felt very small and intimidated when a creature I never saw screamed at me, making a sound I'd never before heard. Was it a bear, a lion, or was

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    STEVE MERLO: Take time this weekend to remember our fallen

    Memorial Day always has a sobering effect on me. The day remains a national holiday, a weekend off for most; plenty of time to just rest and relax away from the hubbub of urban life. Many people travel to enjoy the great outdoors perhaps by fishing, hunting or camping beneath the stars over that

  • STEVE MERLO: Feathered friends made for great memories in Buttonwillow

    Back in the early sixties, my mom and dad moved the family into a brand new home located on Milo Street only 75 yards from the county park on the outskirts of Buttonwillow. That meant we now had a backyard and a garage, and from that day forward, because of our close proximity to the nearby desert

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    STEVE MERLO: Isabella awakening with warmer weather

    Finally! The recent warming trend in the Kern River Valley has finally started to move most gamefish into the shallows from their deep-water haunts. Up and down cold surface temperatures, combined with fluctuating barometric pressure and unseasonable weather, has at last settled, and the vast

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    STEVE MERLO: Walking on water for giant cutthroat trout

    My wife, Candy, our two dogs, Claude and Beau, and I took our annual escape fishing trip this week to Nevada's huge and foreboding Pyramid Lake to tangle with the lake's famed Lahontan cutthroat trout. Home of the world-record 41-pound cutthroat caught back in the 1940s, the Native

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    STEVE MERLO: Invasive species getting free ticket to propagate

    Can you guess what the following flora, fauna, animal and fish species all have in common? Largemouth bass, striped bass, delta smelt, Mississippi silversides, mosquito fish, snake eyes, yellowfin gobies and common carp, to name just a few of our state's thriving piscatorial populations. City

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    STEVE MERLO: State ups limit of ling cod for anglers from 2 to 3

    In a move most Central Coast salt water anglers claim was past due, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife recently upped the limit on ling cod from two to three fish per angler, per day. The length limit remains at 22 inches overall to be a "keeper." It's great news for

  • STEVE MERLO: Local angler David Aguilar wins trout derby, $10,000

    When it comes to derby fishing, it sometimes pays to not only be lucky, but to take a chance or two to make bank in a big way. Bakersfield's David Aguilar, wearing his official 2015 Isabella Trout Derby T-shirt, caught the longest trout during last weekend's derby, a beautiful 23-1/2-inch

  • Jose Hernandez of Bakersfield caught this 16-pound catfish March 1 at the California Aqueduct near Mettler.

    March 27 fish report

    Kern County, southern San Joaquin Valley LAKE ISABELLA: The crappie bite slowed over this past weekend and early into this week because of high winds. The winds were expected to end late in the week and the weather to warm up, which should turn the crappie back on. The bite has been best in in

  • Jase Mayall, 4, pictured with his parents Lisa and Rusty, just happened to win a pig hunt drawing during the recent Sportsmen's Night event in November. Since Jase is not old enough to buy a pig tag and actually shoot it himself, Rusty stepped in to assist. With the guide's permission, Rusty shot this 200-pound sow after a short hunt near Glenville.

    STEVE MERLO: License fees collapse state's fishing interests

    California's leading advocate for recreational anglers, the California Sportfishing League, recently released a study finding that the high cost of purchasing a yearly fishing permit has been detrimental to anglers and sportfishing, adding to an unprecedented decline in license sales. Since

  • Bakersfield's Don Crabtree displays a pair of large black crappie in the 2-pound range he and Steve Merlo caught this week at Isabella Lake. The anglers caught their limits of crappie on live minnows and jigs in water less than 7 feet deep.

    STEVE MERLO: Easy-to-catch crappie are biting at Isabella

    Despite record-low water levels at Isabella Lake and the numbers of fishermen down, the impoundment's famed crappie bite has finally begun with anglers catching plenty of nice fish. While the overall numbers of the paper-mouth gamesters has generally fallen from that of previous years,

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    STEVE MERLO: Hot fishing at Aqueduct marred by lawbreakers

    When the California Aqueduct first opened in the late 1960s, the concrete canal produced untold numbers of giant crappie and bass for anglers. Back then, fishermen were forced to cast illegally into the rapidly flowing waters because California thought that granting access by the general public

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    STEVE MERLO: Bass fishing secrets of yesteryear still hold true

    A long time ago, my good friend, the late Deno Fanucchi, gave me some important advice about bass fishing that has always worked. Back then, we didn't grow many almonds or other orchard crops in the Buttonwillow area, but the few groves we had were solid indicators of when the best bass

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    STEVE MERLO: Annual Outdoor Show has a little something for everyone

    The Central Valley Sportsman's Boat, RV and Outdoor Show at the Kern County Fairgrounds this weekend brings thousands of people through the gates to enjoy the best of camping, hunting, boating and fishing. This year's premium event will not be business as usual, according to show promoter