If it seems like this year’s Bakersfield Business Conference is tilting a bit to the right, you may be onto something.

The latest dispatch from organizers of the Oct. 8 event suggests the lineup at Cal State Bakersfield will boast a number of speakers with solid conservative credentials, from politicians to media figures.

And in case things need lightening up, rock ’n’ roll legend Chubby Checker has signed on, too.

Among the biggest names released this week is former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a recent presidential candidate who won praise for his emergency response work during and after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

“With rumors, once again, that he may be considered as a vice presidential candidate in the future, we’re proud to welcome Bobby Jindal to Bakersfield,” conference communications director Brandon Martin said in a news release.

Also on board: former Florida Congressman and political commentator Allen West, syndicated columnist Cal Thomas and international relations expert KT McFarland.

Here’s someone else who might ring a bell: Bakersfield’s own Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House majority leader who will return to the podium with no small local following.

“Kevin knows our audience and he knows politics,” event organizer George Martin said in the news release. “If there was ever a year for us to enjoy Kevin on the Business Conference stage, it’s this election year.”

Somewhere between the politicians’ seriousness and Checker on the entertainment side lie the Politichicks, a conservative “new media trio” composed of Morgan Brittany, Gina Loudon and Ann-Marie Murrell. The group produces online videos and blogs and has collaborated on a book, “What Women Really Want.”

George Martin said the group is used to rallying crowds with its unique style, adding “they are a lot of fun.”

For more information go to bakersfieldbusinessconference.com or call 371-2204.