Does Bakersfield City Councilman Terry Maxwell think the voters are completely unaware? After four years on the council doing nothing about the growing crime problem plaguing our community, Maxwell is now trying to gain publicity by suggesting the City add 100 new officers. Not only is it financially unfeasible, but it also is unattainable. Where does the City even hope to find 100 new police officers? Maxwell does not appear to have a clear plan to show how his proposal is possible.

Maxwell has spent all of his time on the City Council opposing the 24th Street widening project because he lives a few doors down from the project. Now that he has a strong opponent, the election is only three months away, and the 24th Street project is moving forward, he no longer wishes to talk about his failed attempts to halt it. Mr. Maxwell, your efforts are too little, and too late. You cannot sit back and complain while you obstruct progress for four years and then try to make statements of change in new areas in the last three months of your term hoping to get re-elected. You should have started much earlier working as a productive member of the board to bring sensible proposals.

You’ve had your chance on City Council. We’ve seen what you’re about. It’s time to move on.

Donald Camp