If you're over age 65, have parents or grandparents over age 65, or even hope to make it to age 65 yourself, please read/understand this.

On Oct. 5, our heroic congressman Kevin McCarthy voted for House Concurrent Resolution 71 that would change your Medicare to a voucher program. This means that instead of paying your medical expenses, Medicare will give you a voucher instead.

Lucky you! See, you use that voucher to buy your own medical insurance. Freedom of choice. But here's the hook. The voucher won't come close to paying the actual premium for the benefits you already have through Medicare which you've already paid for over your entire working life. If you want to keep those benefits, you'll have to pony up a fat monthly payment in addition to the voucher to plump-up the for-profit insurers and their executives/stockholders. Easy on a fixed income. No?

Of course, you'll not be able to pick your own doctor, your own specialists and so on. The insurance managers will do that for you through their "network." If you're lucky, they might approve those referrals before you die. But the brutal truth is that letting you die is cheaper for the insurer and the government than keeping you alive. See where this is going? Death panels!

Just once in my life, I'd like to see an elected official that does something FOR the voters instead of TO them. But I'm afraid that's not our heroic Kevin McCarthy.

— Eric Ziegler, Bakersfield