This is in regards to the DACA program, an illegal program from President Obama. In 1986 or 1987 we allowed amnesty, and a fix to amnesty, as usual. Since then, millions of illegals on our southern border have come over. Without borders we are nothing.

I am sick of hearing that we are a "melting pot," "everyone is an immigrant," "it's humane," "we owe it to the children, by no fault of their own." Oh, my favorite is "80 percent of Americans are for giving DACA amnesty."

Really, I don't think so. First off, bring people in that have a vested interest in our society. Many illegals come in here and get some kind of public assistance. Some even are using workers comp and Medicare.

I am not an immigrant. The United States is my home country. I was born and raised here. No, 80 percent are not for the DACA kids; no one I know is. The American people do not want amnesty; it is unacceptable. Because of the illegals voting, we need voter ID because too many illegals are voting. We all know they do, and they do not assimilate.

California needs to take care of its own, not other countries' citizens. Oh, and by the way, the 14th Amendment was not for illegals to come over and have babies to become US citizens. This amendment needs to be changed and fast. My son, his cousins and family members deserve more than any illegal deserves. We are U.S. citizens — and taxpayers.

— Sandi Murray, Bakersfield