I am incredulous that Congress is struggling to find funding for the bipartisan and immensely popular Children’s Health Insurance Program. Millions of children's lives depend on this program.

Some pundits say that CHIP has not been renewed because Congress can’t find the money. Really? You can create $1.4 trillion in additional deficits to burden future generations, so that the rich and corporations can get their tax cuts, but you can’t find $12 billion to fund health care for poor children? I’m at a loss to understand the budget calculus and priorities of the current GOP-controlled Congress.

To make it even worse, the GOP is considering raising Medicare premiums, cutting public health and shortening the “grace period” for Affordable Care Act premiums to pay for CHIP. The cost of CHIP is less than 1 percent of the amount that the current tax cut legislation increases the deficit. I suggest that Congress cut a minute fraction of unnecessary tax cuts for the rich and corporations before they raise Medicare premiums and cut public health to pay for CHIP.

Make health care for poor children more important than tax cuts for the rich and corporations.

Stephen Hanson, Bakersfield