U.S. citizens need to take a moment for self-examination. We were manipulated to elect a president out of fear. Fear of socialism, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. We elected a self-serving opportunist who has no moral values, or political experience. I did not vote for Hillary Clinton; I voted against social activism and higher taxes. It turns out I was a party to electing the second greatest con-man to ever walk the earth.

This is about extremism and the ability to manipulate people’s thoughts. Adolf Hitler successfully convinced a cultured and educated people that he was the solution to all their problems. He proceeded to lead them to moral and cultural ruin, mostly by screaming his hate-filled philosophy. In the 1930s and 1940s the world watched as that hate nearly destroyed the world.

Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. He is far more dangerous. He is currently orchestrating the most confused and ineffective presidency this democracy has ever known. Trump can walk away from the presidency after accomplishing his main objective in life, personal wealth. Another feather in the cap of a very effective con-man.

As in any private business, you remove employees when they do not meet the minimum expectations of the position. Have we not already passed this point? 

David DePaola, Bakersfield