Donald Trump once again has a distorted view of reality. He says we should use Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard veterans in the schools to “shoot the bad guys.”

I am one of the 21.8 million military veterans who have pledged to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic. I served four years in the Navy and, except for boot camp’s two days on the firing range, I, like many veterans, never shot a gun. As an electronic technician I spent all my time supporting and repairing electronic gear.

I have never pointed a weapon at another human being, do not own a side arm, and even still if my, or my family’s life, were in danger, I would like to think I could defend them.

My military service, as with most veterans, does not qualify me to carry a weapon and take another’s life.

Get real, Mr. Trump

Bill Ferguson, Bakersfield