I believe that the traffic flow and speed that will be the new normal on the widened 24th Street corridor will make any grade level crosswalk‎ an invitation to disaster. The road will be at least what used to be called a highway, if not a freeway. It is a freeway on its east extension and highway west. Crossing it will be extremely dangerous. The proposed T design, like any other at grade crossing highly favors drivers over pedestrians. An elevated pedestrian overpass has been dismissed as too expensive and too consumptive of ground space. There must be a creative design for an overpass like those adopted in other cities that would work here. The real cost? Less than one child's life for sure. I don't want this opinion to be an "I told you so" in the future. Come on City Council. Figure this out before you commit to another half-baked decision or the blood will be on your hands.

John Sarad