To let the chips fall where they may in Robert Mueller's investigation of the Trump administration, as Steve Bass urged in his letter ("What does Trump have to hide?" In the Dec. 19 issue), would be dandy if the chips weren't so blatantly stacked against President Trump.

Hopefully Mr. Bass would agree that the questions that we deserve the answers to should be directed at Mueller and his investigative team as well in light of the bombshell reports that have cast serious doubt on the credibility of the Russia probe.

Perhaps President Trump should not fire Mueller and instead let the probe crumble now that the dossier that launched it has turned out to be fake. I won't even get into other revelations that should cause one to conclude that you just can't make up this stuff and that it all smacks of a political witch hunt.

If there is an investigation worth being pursued by a special counsel, it is one into the disastrous deals made by President Trump's predecessor that reek of a real collusion with our enemies, Russia and Iran.

Of course, I am referring to the deal that let Russia control 20 percent of our uranium deposits and the other that enriched Iran and reportedly was kept from being spoiled by allowing the terrorist group Hezbollah to bring drugs into this country.

Thankfully the true meaning of it all is becoming as evident as that of Christmas being about the birth of a savior.

Joel Torczon