Congressman Kevin McCarthy's recent support for the GOP tax cut is, as some commentators have expressed it, the equivalent of giving CPR to Lebron James. While the express purpose was to encourage a proven failure of an economic model ("trickle-down" economics) at a time when corporate profits are at all-time highs, McCarthy has given money to the already-rich while starving our future.

The money would have been better spent to help education, both early-childhood and college tuition. Or to actually revise healthcare into a system that serves us, instead of removing the individual mandate, which will clearly force premiums even higher.

Further, it has been revealed that Russian bots scored a high majority of positive feedback for the rollback of protections of net neutrality. This post-vote revelation gives us concern about free and open internet access.

On that note, I am appalled at the lack of Republican leadership in taking steps to insure our next elections are free of Russian interference. McCarthy is in a position of influence and importance, and yet he has been publicly silent on this issue. Sen. Dianne Feinstein's release of the Fusion GPS transcripts shows leadership, and indicates that Republican members, particularly members of Congress, have distorted facts surrounding the so-called dossier.

When will McCarthy demonstrate that he is a Patriot? When will he stand for the American people, and not the partisan ambitions? He is dividing our community and squandering our future.

Dan York