Dumb as a bag of hammers. That is my best description of the proposed Congressional Republican income tax reforms. For reasons unknown, they are ignoring the wildly successful President Ronald Reagan tax reforms of the 1980s, reforms that doubled income tax revenues by simply passing across-the-board tax reductions for everyone.

Instead, they have cobbled together a convoluted tax package with all kinds of goodies for special interests. This so-called reform gives different reductions to different groups and takes away deductions from others which will result in tax increases for some in the middle class, exactly the opposite of what is really needed at this time. They are even stupidly considering automatic tax increases, a very Democratic thing to do, if their reforms don’t produce enough new revenue.

I have been paying income taxes every year for the past 60 years, and I think that I have been taxed too much already. I am sick and tired of seeing too much of my hard-earned money being used to support people who are too lazy to look for a job (92 million at last count) and illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be here. Reform is certainly needed, but not this kind of “reform.”

Here’s a thought for all of you so-called representatives in  Congress: Instead of automatic tax increases, why can’t we have automatic reductions in federal spending, with the exception of that for defense, Social Security, and Medicare, any time tax revenues decline? 

Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi