There are absolute truths in life, such as respect for others and telling the truth. This is how we lead a moral life. And when we find those who violate these truths, we have the responsibility to let them know, regardless of friendship and political affiliation. Kevin McCathy was elected by and represents a very large constituency who believe and act on moral truths. His role in Congress is first to represent the people of his district.

The issue in October 2016, when Trump admitted enjoying making passes at married women and fondling them made national and local news. Trump excused it as "locker room" talk. Now he refers to people and countries that have been physically and emotionally depleted by hurricanes and dictators in crude, vulgar terms. I suppose his defense will be that it is just "bathroom talk."

But the most disturbing thing is the absence of moral leadership by McCarthy. Nor by Paul Ryan, leader of the Republicans in the House. No denunciation! No condemnation. No rebuking these acts as violations of moral truths. There is just silence. Therefore I must assume McCarthy's favorite movie title is "Silence of the Lambs."

Harry Love, Bakersfield