When, not if, the #ReleaseTheMemo clears Congress and President Trump for the public to review, I fully expect it to conclude that a phony dossier that the Democratic Party, a political opposition research firm, a British spy and the Russians likely colluded on was used by corrupt intelligence officials to illegally obtain a FISA warrant to spy on members of the Trump campaign and administration and launch the sham investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Since the Democrats very much want to have the political process to be fair and transparent, they should certainly understand why the Republicans are seeking assurance that the intelligence agencies aren't tipping the scales in favor of the former.

Maybe then will we see Congress taking care of business without the kind of "irrational, illogical and insane" behavior that Gov. Mike Huckabee told Maria Bartiromo on her Fox News show in reference to the Democratic lawmakers' reaction to Trump's reasonable and generous proposal for immigration reform. (The DACA recipients indeed need to get in line and wait at least 12 years to become citizens, which is how long my Indonesian sister-in-law has waited so far to become a legal resident via chain migration. It's not the Republicans' fault that the Democrats failed to act on this when they had complete power under then-President Obama.)

Thankfully Rep. Kevin McCarthy is looking out for the interests of not only his constituents, but also many of their fellow Americans, in securing the borders, rooting out corruption and putting America first.

Joel Torczon, Bakersfield