On the day of the Valentine's Day massacre in Parkland, Fla., local officials had protocols, emergency response plans and high school security all in place. But the security staff and fencing around the campus was still inadequate. They needed additional school security — armed officers.

Our Kern County schools are under duress. Maybe it's time for a scared straight program, and maybe a reality check.

• Parents, you need to closely identify what your son or daughter is doing on and off the school campus, including on social media and cell phones.

• The repercussions of social media can be big. Students need to talk to school counselors or teachers if they are directly or indirectly involved that something is not right, i.e., guns, weapons, drugs, bullying, or school threats on campus. Tell somebody — your life is at stake.

• Students need to be "scared straight" with an invite to one of our four local state prisons. My choice would be the CCI Tehachapi maximum security state prison. I'd be honored to provide a tour and show them what the final result of recklessness could be. Some students need to see the dark side of prison incarceration. It would be an experience they will never forget.

Art "AP" Hernandez, Correctional Sergeant (retired), Bakersfield